'odd that I feel so well'

Hi all healthunlockders, I'm sat at home in the warm feeling well, infact very well, I'm in no pain,I'm breathing without discomfort off oxygen, and yet on Monday I'm going for lung transplant assessment part 2 for a 4 day body MOT checkover. It seems strange because I feel so well sat here in my comfy chair watching TV with my wife as if there is nothing wrong.

The trouble is there is something wrong that only shows its ugly head when I start moving around. These lung diseases that we all stuggle along with, hide away at times if your lucky and are not always noticeable even to us, let alone the people around us.

I find it 'odd that I feel so well' sat here and yet I am obviosly pretty dam seriously ill.

Tony. Keep your spirits up all and enjoy the wonderfull weather were having. Ha Ha

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Hi dall

Hopefully you will be able to feel this well when up and about if all goes well

Imagine how wonderful to take a deep breath again .... and get up and move about without a thought or hindrance

You may have that chance ....

I'm not there yet, but I know I will be one day, I hope I will have the chance for a second go (which I think is what a transplant is)

wishing you the very best of wishes


We'll both take that deep breath some day in the future eh'.

Untill then w'ell get by. Look after yourself Bolilly


Good luck dall05 keep feeling well

I'll do my very best but as you probably know its difficult to have any control over these things.

Thanks Dorlock

Dont knock it mate,,,, just enjoy................BEST WISHES ON THE TRANSPLANT...............

Cheers id, We'll see how next week goes and move on from there.


I'm looking forward to next week stitch, I just want to get this assessment out of the way and whatever the outcome at least I'll know where I stand and hows best to procede.

Even though I'm feeling the best that I have for a while now, I know whats around the corner, so I think I had better attend this long awaited appointment. It should be very interesting eh'

Thanks Stitch xx


Dallo5 I'm so happy for you, big grin !! When at rest and taking the meds I've just changed to I could 'forget' what the state of my health is , I so know what you mean. Yet in merely standing and crossing the room I can be reduced to - well you know, we all do.

The best of luck with your transplant and if your wife can keep us up to date, thanks.

Best of luck


Homebreeze, thats the beauty of this site. You get to talk to people who really understand where your comeing from. We all know that hopeless feeling when things are not going so well.

I have a chink of light at the end of a very long tunnel but I'm heading for it so we'll see what the outcome is at the end of next week.

Tony. :)

The mind is an amazing thing, you've been given hope now and it's incredible how that can buoy you up. I do hope everything goes well for you. Best wishes. Libby

Your right Libby, a little hope goes a long way.

Many Thanks, Tony x

Good to read good news.

I felt great before my heart op. so well, i felt i didn't need it! Really i did, no other long term solution. Happily i am now 7 weeks on the right side of this hurdle.

I guess you need the transplant! Let them look after you a you need to be looked after.

Very best wishes

Come on Tony.I hope you are lucky with your transplant assessment.Back to work soon EH!

Hey King, your supposed to be giving me encouragement, Back to Work!! sounds like a reason to refuse transplant to me. Ha Ha .

No seriously getting back to work would be a dream, who knows where this journey will end up eh'.

Thanks again King


Well don't you know ,that's the sound of the man working on the chain gang.


Loved Chrissie Hynde's version with the pretenders, great tune King and one I would'nt mind listening too when I'm back at work.

Thanks Kevi, its strange is'nt it how you suddenly improve when your booked to see the doctor, my sats are reading 98 sat in a chair, something I hav'nt seen for a long time now.

It sounds as though your doing really well after your heart operation and I'm sure you will go from strength to strength.


Cheers Tony! I am working hard and myrecovery is all going to plan. Thank you for your thoughts and good wishes. I thought it only polite to reply.

My biggest worry was having an exacerbation after the surgery! Imagine coughing after your chest has been cracked open. 8 weeks on i could cope NOW if i had to.

My sats were 100 immediately after the surgery but still awfully breathless,

i hope you good sats accompany you feeling well best wishes Kevin

keep working hard on that recovery and you'll soon be showing off those scar's on the beach when summer finally arrives, Ha Ha if it ever arrives!

May your sats stay high too Kevin


exactly how i feel i go to the pulmory and do loads of exercises sitting down ones..and feel great.then go to walk outside and feel crap.had my grandchildre its a good job they like colouring books..all the best anyway..

Hi Tony! Can't believe this post is 3 years ago it was at the bottom of the page!😁 I am wondering if the person who is coming to access me on Thursday will assume I'm alright while I sit here answering questions...it sure is nice though I know what you mean and I'm hoping you're keeping that rock music on and I'm sure our old friend Richard does too!😁 huff x

Hi Huff,

Yeh' I'm sure the King is still rocking to a bit of Elvis or the like, he was a terrific guy and is still missed big time by those who knew him.

Best run up the stairs before answering the door on Thursday then they'll get to see the real you. Not had the letter yet but I'm expecting one cus there can't be many of us left to see now. I just tested my sats while sitting here and was amazed to see it gradually climb up to 98, ok I'm on my long hose supplying me with 4 liters of oxy and I did have to get my breathing just right (in 2 out 4 ) like the physio's tell you. Think the king must have helped me there because its a while since I've seen 98 sats and especially today when the air quality has been the pitts.

We could do without the extra stess of this reassessment, should be just changed over without all this hassel, afterall were not suddenly going to get better are we.

I hope you were talking about the change from DLA to PIP :) and here's a tune for you and the king :) . xxx

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