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LINk/Healthwatch meeting today-HEE Hee-----------Hi HealthUnlockders

Today I went to the last meeting of Nottinghamshire LINk before the takeover by Nottinghamshire Healthwatch on April 1st.It was nice to be told that my membership would be continued from one to the other.

Once again I digress

We were asked some questions which I thought you might like to answer:

How do you put a Giraffe in a fridge?

How do you put an Elepthant in the fridge?

The Lion King calls all the animals to a conference

Why can't the Elephant go to the conference?

How do you cross the Crocodile infested river?



Would you like to know the answer on how to join your nearest Breathe Easy group

It's easy phone BLF Helpline on 03000 030 555

How do you put a Giraffe in a fridge?

Open the door

How do you put an Elephant in the fridge?

Take the Giraffe out and put the Elephant in the fridge.

The Lion King calls all the animals to a conference.

Why can't the Elephant go to the conference?.

Because he is in the fridge.

How do you cross the crocodile infested river?

Swim .All the animals are at the conference.

90% of adults could not get all the answers right.

95% of 4 year olds gotall the answers right

Does that mean that professors have the brains of a 4 year old?

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Muffled through the fridge door Richard transferring onto HealthWatch networking


Bewitched and bewildered!


A giggle before I go to bed. Anoher good one for the collection. --love Anne80x


It tickled my fancy.Over 100 people at the meeting didn't get one answer right!

My love to you to Annie xx


I would have scored zero points also


Proved I'm a dumbo again.....


I'm so glad you gave us the answers King! I'm slow the best of times but mornings especialy!

Hope you have a great day! :) xxx


well i didnt get any of them right, trust kid of 4yrs old to get them right, it does make you wonder how thier little minds works



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