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Telehealth - useful or not?

Hi Everybody

The link below is for an interesting article on the BBC website regarding the trial of Telehealth services, and if this type of health technology is the way forward to reducing the amount people visiting GP's or hospitals with symptoms of chronic conditions such as lung disease, whilst at the same time alerting doctors if a patient has reading that need further investigation.

I'm sure some or many of you may have been involved in these trials.



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Hi Jo

I think this technology is the way forward, whether we will get the funding is another matter, although it would be false economy not to use it.


I have been involved with Telehealth Telecare and I think it is a marvelous way forward



Is it a little like the NHS helpline with a visual side to it as well.


The sooner this comes in the better, will save costs in long term


Scares me this hole live thing .. Like NHS direct website av been reading stuff a a live chat thing as poped up

Must admit is great idea tho ... Just dont want ambulance turing up wile reading on the toilet :O tho

Great post all the best :)


Hi Jo,

Here in Gloucestershire I understand they have 2000 Tele Health kits and only a few are out and used an regular basis. I requested a set for 3 months to get a base line pulse and O2 levels. And found it so helpful and it gave me a good deal of confidence. The it was so easy to use and a couple of times I had a health blip and the GP was on the phone in the blink of an eye!

If people are offered it to help to monitor their condition then I would advise them to take it!


Hi Jo I have emphysema and I ve had Telehealth put in and use it daily. The readings go through to the Community Matrons office and if there is anything unusual with them they phone me on the same day and if necessary come out and see me and do a re check of readings. I think it s great and a good confidence booster . They do not replace a doctor as they will tell you but can be helpful in spotting anything going wrong. They are a great bunch cannot speak too highly of them. If anyone is offered it give it a try I think it is well worth the few minutes each day.


Hi Jo read the article now still stand by what I said as long the readings are monitored by health experts in COPD or whatever whatever problem it is set up for there should be nothing but good come from it. AS long as it monitored ny a human being and not just stored on a machine it should be fine


I am on a TeleHealth care project. Have been since Decembeer 2012. I get blood pressuure, SPO2, temperature and weight checked every day. The readings are sent via GSP automatically and if there is a problem the clinician notes variants that need attention then they will will ring me and if necessary visit or get the doctor to visit. This has been successful with me after not really getting better on the usual steroids and antibiotics therefore needing hospitalisation because I had pneumonia. After an 8 day stay I was able to come home on an early discharge under care in the community. All this has been excellent.


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