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just approching week 3 and feeling quite smug!

after trying and failing for over a decade to pack in smoking and going through every no smoking aid that there is on the market i discovered champix through reading this site, so i decided to give it a try and went along to the chemists no smoking clinic, it is the best thing i have ever done,i have been smoking on average 35 a day for the past 40 years so didnt think i could ever give them up, but i am just approching my third week of being smoke free,and i didnt even have any cravings, even my hacking morning cough has gone, it was midnight on the 21st feb i stubbed my last ciggie out and i am determined never ever to light another ciggie up again.

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So you're a non-smoker now then ? Well done ! :)

well done keep it up.put the money you save ina jar and have a nice treat.with it every week.KEEP GOING...XX

Well done keep it up

Well done its not easy !!

Well done. I too did it with Champix. For me, it's a miracle drug.

I'm at 15 months now xxxx

Lynne xx

Well done. Champix did it for me as well and it will be 2 years in June. I don't get the craving even when I can smell my hubby lighting up in the garage! You are now a non smoker!

Good work! Keep it up. x

Congratulations. You are back in control - stay there! ;)

Wow, brilliant and well done you. Hope you get smugger and smugger. I don't know how much they cost nowadays but does that make you £200 better off?

I had 5 courses of Champix before it finally worked 4 years ago and not a craving in sight! Mind you I had to do some screaming and shouting to get the 5 courses over a year or so.

Congratulations keep going.

Kim xx

I am going to try stopping next week with Champix no i will say that again I AM STOPPING next week with Champix. I am scared because i love my fags and because of other health problems i have to stay in bed and i am in pain most of the time. But if i can ease my breathing probs a little i will at least feel more comfortable. WELL DONE I realy admire you keep it up x

Well done, it is difficult - I am on month 5 now and have to admit its taken this long to feel alive again. Cant pretend I don't want a fag from time to time but thats how it is. Take care and keep up the good work. x

almost six weeks for me non smoking, also with champix. Still getting the cravings though so I am glad to hear you are not craving at all. Good luck this time you will make it I am sure.

well done, you will feel the benifit of not smoking good luck


thankyou to everybody for replying with all your kind words of encouragement

and support, this boost and masive pat on the back is just what i needed,

i have promised my lungs that they will never (scream for mercy) again like

they have done in the past, and i would like to say to anyone who wants to quit

but has failed before please give champix a try.

take care and keep well to all of you. x

Well done that guy WILL POWER is tremnedous to have as a friend

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