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lung funtion ???

if your soirometry results show fev1/fvc ratio 62% do this mean that you only have 62% lung funtion... i am age 56 started useing the gym in january when told i had this copd and have built up from 2 miles to being able to walk on the treadmill for 5 miles taking me 1 and a half hours if my lung funtion is only 62% this seems good and have not smoked for 3 months but i maybe just feeling good because i am on seretide 500..but when i do start getting breathless and haveing bad days will that just happen slowly or will i wake up one night or morning being really short of breath..i know this all may sound stupid but will i just stop being able to walk 5 miles or again will this happen slowly..reading the blogs on hear i can see that everone is diferant

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Bad days are normally through infection rather than the COPD getting worse. I was diagnosed nearly two years ago and I am breathing a lot better now than I did in the beginning because of getting on the right medicines and going on a Pulmonary Rehab course. Sometimes it doesn't get worse only through natural aging. Exercise is the second best thing for COPD after giving up the fags, so keep up the good work. Like you say, everyone is different but keep as fit as you can.

thanks puff

Just to add. I don't always take much notice of the numbers. It's how you feel in yourself that counts. My fev1/fvc ratio is 27% and I can still go upstairs at the normal speed without getting short of breath. I'm on Seretide 250.

All good comments music. Mine is 55% but like you I can do treadmill work. I am now up to 35 minutes at 3.5 mph at a 6% incline. I could not do that when I was diagnosed.

My GP is adamant that with exercise and healthy eating, there is no reason why the lungs should deteriorate apart from normal ageing. Chest infections don't help, of course, but a healthy and fit lifestyle helps improve the body's immunity system too.

Lynne xx

thanks lynne done 2 inportent things have give up fags and doing exercise just got to start eating more healthy

hi lynne i thought i was doing well walking on treadmill but tryed incline at 3% and could only do 15 mins so keep it up your doing well

Hello, emphysema is a progressive disease which will continue to worsen, although it is a slow progression (so long as you have stopped smoking, which you have, and look after your general heath). You won't suddenly wake up one day and find yourself unable to breathe. From what you say, your lung capacity is pretty good and there is no reason why you should not continue well for many years. My advice would be to stop worrying about it and ensure you lead a healthy lifestyle. George

thanks for this george

HI music.MY lungs are the same as your at 62.Ican walk for an hour hour or two and play some golf.I think we deterioate slowy and you will be fine for many years yet

hope so thanks george68 may i ask when you were diagnosed with copd

2 months ago for copd,but have pleural plaques and asbestosis as well,which were diagnosed last summer

same has me 2 months ago with copd but looking how far you can walk at the moment i hope you can keep this up has think your doing well..when i think all the walls i knocked down with all the dust and never did wear a mask..smoked for 40 years... i am on seretide 500

bit scary has i am waiting for something to happen like not being able to breath..i still work part time has a caretaker in a college

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