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electronic cigarettes

Still fighting the addict who wants a smoke desperately when all I can think of. I have tried patches gum champix hypnosis all fails trying to cut down with these e cigarettes they help keep me away from the drink which has damaged my liver. Need the next stage away from smokes and alcohol that have put me where I am now - not a good place.

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I have no experience of e cigarettes please use the search box that has information on members experiences.

Well done for quitting the drinking and trying so hard to be free of the evil weed I feel sure this will have a sucessful outcome.

I gave up smoking in 2007 and it was VERY HARD took several attempts before I managed it, but eventually I got there and can honestly say its the best thing I ever did. Do you want to be in control of your life or do you want nicotine to control it for you? that is what I kept telling myself to get me through weaning of the fags.I also focused on the innocent people who were affected by my selfish habit of smoking. My Dad had copd and now I too have it so I focused on how passive smoking could affect my grown up children one of whom lifes at home still neither thankfully have ever smoked, I even focused on what it could be doing to my 2 little dogs 1 of which would not come near me when I smoked. Stay strong you will get there in the end and will be proud of yourself for doing it too.

I had my last cigarette in May 2012 after smoking for 50 years and several attempts to quit. I was totally miserable and used every aid known to man to help me give up. I really had no choice as it was either smoking or breathing <I couldnt do both. I am using the e cigs as I really think they are a good aid but realise I am keeping the nicotine addiction going but not the harmful additives> I am trying to use them less and less and also chew old fashioned liquorice root which seems to help.

great idea - liquorice is great for the chest isn't it ?

My father in law quit after a heart attack. He was warned carry on smoking and you will not live much longer. He is still alive. 30 years later. I quit 8 years ago with my emphysema progressing far too fast. I realised I had a choice. Quit or die. My emphysema seems to have stabilised as a result, although I do use oxygen. And I am living. My son in law and daughter quit next. After watching me struggling far to many times they both realised the way they maybe heading. Next my wife quit. Much easier than she thought she would. After living with me gasping for air she too was starting to worry she could end up on the same road as me. That is 5 of us that quit smoking. And all of us feel better for it. And have a lot more cash. I wonder how many of us five would still be alive if non had quit. Life is in your hands. The choice is personal. Life or smoke. Easy choice when you have an illness that you know will kill you a lot quicker if you continue to smoke.

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Jake, I know it must be a nightmare for you right now but just keep on trying your best, one day at a time, you can do it!! please do it for you, you realy will feel better and all this struggling with it will be behind you in the not too distant future. Please let us know how you get on and don't forget you can get help and advice at the doctors or try phoning BLF. All the very best to you, Carol x

Keep friends with my mate WILL POWER

Hi Jake, hope you are doing ok. Stopping smoking is not easy, but it is the best thing we can do for ourselves to help preserve our health and our ability to breathe.

For me it was making the decision about what was most important to me. Continuing to smoke, bringing a faster worsening of symptoms and a not very nice death, or preserving lungs and health and improving my chances of a longer and better quality of life and death.

I found that every time my will power waivered I would reaffirm my decision and choice to be smoke free, then I would drink a glass of water, suck a peppermint, do some exercise and breathe deeply, soon the craving would pass and over time the cravings become less frequent. With each day that passes and with every thought or craving to smoke, keep choosing and making the decision to be smoke free

Wishing you all the support you need at this time and success in achieving smoke free.

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