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Prescription cost increase and PPC's

Hi Everybody

With the news a few days ago that prescription costs are due to increase by 20p on the 1st April to £7.85 for each item.

Pre Payment Certificates (PPC's) are not going to be increased - this may be worth looking into if you need more than 3 prescribed medicines over 3 months or 13 in 12 months then it may be cheaper for you to look at this option.

A 3 month PPC will cost £29.10 whilst a 12 month PPC will cost £104.00 - this may seem like a lot of money to pay in one go but will save you money over the year.

As always any questions - 03000 030 555.



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Luckily here in Wales there is no prescription charge.


thank goodness i am 75 i get 12 items every month.


i got the yearly one for my daughter-in-law, also my sonbut he was diagnosed with diabetus so he doesnt have to pay for any presriptions



It can also be paid by direct debit @ £10.40 per month. I have done this for the last 5 years, i must have saved a fortune as I have 6 items per month.



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