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has anybody been to an atos assessment,


hi, i have copd/emphysema & bronchiatasis, i have been told that i have to have an assessment, i also have mental health problems, (last 7 yrs.) i have stopped talking to the doctor/counsellors. i was told the having these illnesses i would just be moved over to esa.

has anybody got any info, advice. regards. ghandi

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There's nothing automatic that you would be moved over to ESA or any other benefit as the DWP assess each case quite separately, based on the information supplied and the ATOS assessment, if you're called to one. A lot will depend on the evidence given to the decision maker handling your case.

My suggestion would be to contact MIND about advocacy, someone to speak for you in these situations. Read more at mind.org.uk/mental_health_a... - Either talk to MIND or the PALS team at your local hospital, that's probably Whiston - 0151 430 1144

If you have a social or support worker assigned then they may be able to help you with this. :)

hi gordon, i have an appointment for assessment on the 13th of this month. i stopped talking to everyone about of my mental health, i tried but when the patients started to take over the appointments. when i am in a dark place now i e-mail the samaritins, i only thought i would be sent into esa because the guy from atos said that would happen. when i have to speak to people my anxiety kicks in, and i start stuttering, then comes the language, i asked the atos people to give me an afternoon appointment, so i could ready myself, told them about talking, language, and they have sent me an appointment for 11am,. so what will be will be. i will speak to pals at whiston on monday. and plod on. thanks for info gordon. regards. ghandi

Sadly, it's not for the ATOS guy to say what will happen. Their company just submit an assessment, which is a standard form that's supposed to suit everyone they see. Because of that they can's readily include quite relevant information about a person's condition and state of mind.

I don't want to go too deep in what is a public area, anyone can read this, which is why I suggested trying to obtain the services of an advocate to help you. Hopefully PALS will be able to advise on that. It's not an area I know a lot about.

I had my ATOS assessment at home, they sent a doctor out rather than have me go to see them. But, he didn't seem to want to check me over properly and it's now going to a tribunal.

I've worked with the Samaritans in the past, but they're limited in what they can do and they'll not be able to step in to accompany you to the assessment. Best of luck with it all.

hi gordon. thanks for you input mate, will keep you informed. regards; ghandi


Hi Ghandi I have been to several ATOS assessments mainly whilst I was at work. You don't say whether you are working or not. But if you are work has to made reasonable adjustments to help you stay at work. But these are always subject to business needs as I found out.

I would advise you at your interview to try and take someone with you even a friend. Make sure you have all the evidence you can get together. You have the right to have the interview recorded though ATOS try and get out of that. Tell them everything that is wrong with you - leave nothing out. In my experience sometimes they will try and trip you up and even trap you. Remember though that even if you fail you have the right of appeal. Many decisions are overturned at appeal.

Good luck with that.

Bev x

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hi hypercat. thanks for the info, most grateful. as i have said before, i cannot take in what people are saying to me, i cant put words into sentences, and start stuttering, an then i swear because i am frustrated, so i am expecting fireworks. will keep you updated. regards & best wishes. ghandi

Hello Gordon, How old are you out of interest?

Like everyone says, take someone with you if you can. Here's a link to the ATOS page. Might be some useful info on there


Good luck, James

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hi james. thankyou for the info. i am 59, the only person who knows how copd affects me

is my wife, she is also my carer. the cab & welfare rights cant help me this time as they are snowed under with people looking for help on a number of things that will affect them, bedroom tax, atos and the coming pip. i know how they feel. i will keep you posted. regards

& best wishes. ghandi

my friend have given you the proper infomation here '''i have been there also' you wil be asked many questions,example~~~~your illness~how it affects your every day life~medication~~your dr and consultanes report ,x rays ,and even hobbies ,[ you cant do the garden and cant walk the dog!! ] i would let him or her do the talking ,,,there job is to stop your money,as simple as that''''it should not take to long,in my case under one hour.....they wont tell you anything about your examination'''''but write out a report for there mandarins.....lol you should recieve word in about a month ''40% of people who appeal win there case,any benifit stopped.....[ pending an appeal is backdated ] i hope this was helpfull my friend

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hi meldrum. i have all the paperwork from the begining of my illness, to my last update last june. i a,m going to get all the paperwork i can and just give it to them, at my atos assessment. i can't think of anything else they could need. thanks for the response and info,

i will keep you informed. regards & best wishes. ghandi.

from april, if you contest the decision, benefit will not be paid. first you have to go through a mandatory review of the decision, there is no time limit as to how long that takes but you will not get paid any sickness benefits until you put in for a proper appeal. once you put your proper appeal in, you then get paid at the assesment rate. if you win your appeal you only get paid bact until you started your full appeal.

read about the changes to esa here

(Link removed by moderator - see link below and other organisations such as Disability Law Service, Disability Rights Alliance etc)

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hi jimmy. i had a quick look at this, very interesting, thanks for info. regards ghandi


You might also like to check out this website benefitsandwork.co.uk/ - its got some guides about form-filling and face to face meetings I think.

Good luck.

hi paul. thanks for the info, will let you know how i get on. regards & best wishes; ghandi

hi everybody. i am amazed at your response, thank you all.

i just know i am going to have problems, when i took bad, i couldn't speak, i just cried. i ahd to go to the job centre, to get things going, but i couldnt speak. they where very accomadating, the whole interview was, nodded for yes, shook my head for no. job done.

these people know i have problems communicating with strangers, so i can see a lot of stuttering and plenty of swearing. i am a 59yr old electrician worked on commercial and railway electrics.

i am not working at the moment, nobody wants a 59yr old electrician, who has copd, suicidal tendencies, angina, and arthritis to hands and hips. can't see why not can you. thanks again people.

regards and best wishes. ghandi.

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I am 59 too ghandi. Similiary no one wants someone my age who was sacked from previous job due to depression and anxiety. Who also has COPD and is unable to work more than 25 hours a week. It baffles me too :)

I am not bad enough for ESA so I have to look for work on JSA.

Bev x

Ghandi try not to let this get you down,,i to am 59 although female,, worked all my life in engineering,,apart from copd, i also have arthritus and rhumatoid,,have a job getting going some mornings,,i got age uk to help me with my dla,,,,the best thing i did tho was to get a dog,,takes my mind of things and now walk further than i did before,,,even if it is at a snails pace,,and when i,m poorly can just let her loose in the field next to me,,,wishing you good luck,,,chrissie

hi chrissie, thank you for replying.

i find myself thinking about what is going to happen, my wife and son keep telling me not to worry about it, i may be ok!. the arthritis is in my hands and wrist's, i had an operation for carpel tunnel syndrome in my right hand, they wanted to do the left, but as the first op made me worse i didn't bother. i have a cockup splint on my left hand and elasticicated bandage on my right. i know what you mean about getting going, i also have arthritis in my hips, i fell 25 foot from a gantry and smashed my ankles, paying for it now though. i have been outside the house 8 times since october.

too cold, for copd and arthritis. i will have to get my mind in a better place before i have to go and see these people or it's not going to happen. will let you know how i am. regards & best wishes. ghandi.

Hi Ghandi I have Emphysema / COPD and I went to ATOS interview in March last year. I was awarded 9/15 points primarily because I said that I could operate a computer and answer a phone. Since then I have been on JSA and trying to find a job to suit my condition and age (53) is absolutle impossible.I believe that if I had kept quiet about being able to do these tasks then the result would have been different. I also appealed but the ruling stood in their favour.I just keep going every 2 weeks to sign and hope to see if the clever Bs can find me a job. Good Luck

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