Funny sensation !

I know we all get odd aches, pains, strange sensations in our lungs, chest and ribs but twice just lately I've had this feeling that I want to itch my lung, feels as if it's itching a bit and of course giving ones lung a good old scratch is very difficult. I have realized that at the same time i'm feeling exceptionally anxious, low mood and ended up having a panic attack, so put it down to anxiety.

Anyone else ever get the feeling that they want to itch their lung !!

But I have thought it through and realised itching usually means that things are mending.

So my lung is getting better - now there's positive.

Lib x

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  • OH YES!!! I thought it was just me,so thankful there is someone else too.

    I have said to my friends more than once that sometimes I think if only I could give my lungs a good scratch and shake I would start to feel better.

    Janet :)

  • In a way jandan I'm relieved I've found another itchy lung sufferer although I do sympathise with you.

    Lib x

  • Yes, definately, me too . If only we had a zip to undo to give it a scratch. As for it healing, we can but hope :)


  • More of a tickle irritation with a wheeze in the breathing some mornings it passes though once my inhalers begin work. Oh bliss being able to give the lungs a good shake jandan find a way we will all follow this treatment :-)

  • Fleas? Shoot the cat.

  • maybe a respiratory physiotherapist can help shift stuff that's itching because it's stuck ? ask doc ?

  • Havn't experienced itching lung as yet but how wonderful to think of it as healing, I like that thought!! Take care libbygood.

    Ju xx

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