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Breathing Gadgets

I have been reading with interest about some people on this site who have used gadgets like Powerbreathe etc.

So I did a search and tumbled on this site.

Its not an add site or anything like that, but it seems to give good comparisons between the different gadgets.

To those who have used any of these, how would you rate there performance?

I'm looking for answers from people who have given these gadgets a real hard crack.

Not just a "I tried it but put it away" answer.

People who use them constantly.


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I Don't Know Much About Them .... Dont Want To Scare Anyone But With My Lungs I Would Be Cautious ..... Are They OK For People With Emphysema Or Sarcoidosis Or Just For Those With Mild COPD

Whats The BLF Think Of These Machines ?

All The Best


Apparently, they are good for people with COPD which includes emphysema.

Because they have different levels. Easy, Medium, hard.

I have seen some suggestion on this site of people who have used them, but only for short periods of time.

So I was just wondering if they are ideal for people with COPD.

Its starting to look like I'm going to have to get one and trial it for myself.

I'm wondering if its because they put you under the pump, that people are a little bit afraid to use them. God we are whoosies. lol.

But struggling for air is not funny.



Hi Keith

I have a 'power breathe' and normally use it twice a day. Can't at the moment as I have a cold/cough. I did notice a bit of difference, but not a lot. However, you should be able to get one on prescription! Talk to your asthma nurse and ask for one. I did!

Good luck. Anything that helps ease the SoB is useful.


I've only just started using one the other day but I'll let you know how I get on. I have very severe emphysema. I'll try anything ! :)

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I am thinking about getting a salt pipe, any feedback would be usefull, many thanks Lynne


Hi Lynne, if you decide on a salt pipe then get the Cisca salt pipe it lasts five year helps to absorb the phlegm i think. the other one i bought first needs a refill every 3 month or so from a bottle of salt crystals that comes with the pipe its called Salitair . do a google for it..Bob ..

Never give up....


Thank's Bob, take care Lynne


hello bob ive been serching for something like this /ive a friend who lives on the beach southern shores north carolina he suffers with copd and his mucus is not as bad as mine so ive just ordered 1 from health& free post and next day deliver if ordered by 2pm i will see how it goes in acouple of weeks like all medication youve got to try it/ it may not help every one but its got to be better than coughing up grap 24////7


Save your money more relief when you put your head over a basin of hot water and add some menthol . A towel over your head and just inhale the steam, i find that as good i never use the salt pipe it doesn,t do anything.


Looks like they are trying to sell the ultrabreathe ?


It would be helpful if the an Nhs rep,said something for or against.



thank you all for the feedback.

what I'm getting here is that no one has stuck to one lone enough to know if they are beneficial or not..LOL That blasted demon, exercise.

Stisch says her area has stopped prescribing them so I'm thinking that maybe they are only good for fit and healthy people.


Cheers newbie,

Good luck with your research.

I'm wondering if any ones GP has recommended using one of these gadgets.

Maybe they wont sell as many drugs.

But after all the drugs simply relax the airways so that they dilate.

Could these gadgets be like some sort of yoga for the airways and lungs.

I know my lungs are never going to mend, so I'm just trying to find as many ways as I can to give them as much help as I can. Ways as well as, not instead of the drugs..


see my reply to bob/ log on to and check out there reviews ect good luck


thanks for the link - will have good read later.


thanks keith, I will take a look , all I know is I am breathing better since using my flutter pipe love jude


flutter pipe in good use jude,does me the power of good.anything that keeps me breathing-I will



I haven't had any physio yet but when i do (april) i will be finding out about equipment to help shift mucus (i have bronchiectasis).

I know once I see them i'll be told to do all sorts of exercises and things and so i am treating my time on the waiting list as a holiday ;-).


fishtail, how are you, flutter pipe!! my goodness it seems that i hear about different gadgets every day. I'll look them up. Thank you. What medication are you on fishtail ?

I'm on spiriva and seretide 250/25.

Hi young _one I also have bronchiectasis, but i never get much canned muck coming up.

I wouldn't treat waiting time as a holiday, the tide is coming in on all of us.

Keep moving. I used to be frightened to dry my hair because I would get severely out of breath.but over the last 2 years I have kept doing some sort of exercise. I can now do a 7 kilometer bike ride. Its not easy but I can get there. And the ride time has come down slowly.

And it all started very simply. Like if I took a can of soup out of the cupboard I would treat it like a little bar bell, and do exercises with it until i became breathless. In the end i had two cans of soup in the cupboard that where designated bar bells. lol. It got to the point where i bought a home gym, and now I lift 18 kilos 300 times a day. Not at one time I hasten to add.

3 sessions, morn, noon evening. I guess what I'm trying to say is, never give into it, treat it as the enemy, because all it wants to do is kill you. Dont let it. Have a heart attack while lifting weights instead. pmsl. I'm 63 :) Have a good one.

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brava keith best wishes jude


now the thing that would help me most , is a 99year old billionare with a dicky heart and no family , anyone know one , grinning here love jude


I know it sounds like I think I'm some sort of hero head.

But I don't think that at all.

I'm pleased with myself for persevering with the exercises to get to the point that I have.

It definitely improves my aerobic capacity to a point , but I know I will always need the drugs.

Instead of feeling down most of the time , i now have a wonderful sense of well being.

Just trying to motivate people into doing something other than just relying on drugs.

And I'm here to tell you if I can do it, ANYBODY can.


So you think a 99 year old with a dicky heart will help you the most.......

Or you could try and do some exercise. :) Luv ya's


I do exercise keith , so ya boo , [grin] I lie on the bed [artificial hip and spine arthritis ] but I do 60 reps , so there [ pokes tongue our laughing here love jude


Good one banner, that's awesome.You really are an inspiration to us all.

Like I said previously, if I can do it, ANYBODY can.

I'm not going to poke my tongue, the wind might change. :)

I notice there is a deleted comment from anonymous.

Must have been in the negative.

Just goes to show, this site only deals with people in the positive. So who ever it was that left the comment.

Na Na NaNa Na. That will be a ROFL :)


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