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Is there anything about medications I should ask consultant ?

My dad was diagnosed with IPF just 3 days ago and he sees the consultant again this Thursday. I am devastated! Obviously I want the best for him so can anyone tell me if there is any medications that I should be asking for that is likely to help him? He is currently waiting for oxygen at home and had a CT scan 2 days ago. On Thursday the consultant is hoping to start him on meds.

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There is a saying on here that applies every time - "everyone is different". What is good for one person may not be for another, we're all at different stages with different tolerances and abilities. It's a bit like throwing a bucket full of dice and asking if they'll all roll sixes first time. Seriously.

The doctors and consultants will do their best but it's not always an exact science, they may have to change medication from time to time, especially if you Dad has a reaction to something or it just does not work for him.

If the consultant can't spare the time to talk you through it all, check in with the PALS team at the hospital and ask them if they can help with explanations about his treatment.

Above all - don't panic ! :)


Call the BLF Helpline -03000 030 555 - and have a chat with one of the nurses - they can run through the options with you.



iam a x miner ,have chronic bronchitis ,and c.o.p d,when i have a flare up ,i take a course off presnisolin and a antbiotic,was on amoxill ,but it didnae clear up,,,,so iam trying klaricid,,,i also use a nebuliser via ventolin nebules,,,,,hope this is useful

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