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Farmers Lung

Industrial lung disease from working in farming all my life until I had to hand it over to my son with doubts that his health cam go the same as mine. The doctor word is hypersensitivity pneumonitis when what we work with will make us ill even if we had not smoked, something my son has not giving some hope he will not always follow his father learning the lessons life has taught me almost a chance for living my life over again .

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Hi Farmhouse and welcome. I have turkey plucked we used to wear masks but only comfort masks, I was always ill just before Christmas with a really bad chest, I have also worked around mouldy straw, and the chemical they put on potatoes to stop them spurting, now with health & safety you have to wear the proper masks. I smoked as well, but I do put alot of my problems down to farm dust. Hope your son protects his lungs.

Lib x


Agreed Just Hope Our Kids Listen

All The Best :)


Tell any that will listen of the dangers that we did not see aged before our time with this holding us back a family that see what it does can't fail to know what must be done for their own health.


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