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I have just had a Angiogram takes about 35 mins at 85 it was not to bad except for the contrast dye which was unpleasant but bearable when I found it was not going to get any worse, what did get me was it was so cold with all the doors open and just a flimsy hospital gown which nearly always chokes me, I had to wait while they cleaned up the blood afterward from the floor. The good news is apart from told to take simvastin and an apirin substitute which I gather costs the NHS £1.25 a week. They are not going to do anything, why bother?

Any way what I wanted to share with you is that after feeling realy crook for 48hrs and having fingers feeling numb I realised that the feeling in my arm and chest was from the catheta and not angina and after drinking lots of water to disperse the contrast dye 48 hrs later I am starting to feel a lot better, hopes it helps anybody who is worried about it


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I found my angiogram an interesting experience too. The young looking Dr looked as though he was playing a computer game as he stood over me looking at the 3 large TV screens while he was messing around inside my heart. He also had a CD player blasting out music which may have been on to try and relax me but I think it was more to his own personal taste. I'm on warfarin so they went in through my arm but I stopped bleeding quickly. My angiogram was done to make sure the ticker was up to withstanding a lung transplant operation. The Doctor told me straight after all was well so were still on for transplant at the moment. The heart is good but the lung's are a mess. Thanks for sharing your experience DNOM its always good to here how others have coped and that your doing alright now. Tony :)


Nice to know you are starting to feel better



Hi don't know what IPF etc is! Glad you are feeling better though. I know when my mother was in hospital she was always saying how cold it was. She was by a window which was left open a lot too. We had a job to get her moved. No one had seemed to notice how old and very thin she was. Or when my dad was in hospital. He was old but not thin but was always complaining he was cold. Hospitals don't seem to understand that when you are older you do feel the cold a lot more.

Bev x


Good point Bev!

I had an angiogram some time back,they told me if my lungs were as good as my heart, i would live to 100!! Shame about the lungs!

Wendells xx


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