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Delayed reaction

Like many of us here I gave up the cigarettes in order to get more fit. This was in January 2000. I didn't noticeably suffer from shortness of breath althou I did occasionally get bronchitis which lasted a while. After a couple of months from giving up - the breathlessness started - not bad at first but I could no longer jog - I felt better after a puff of ventolin. At this time I really got into the exercising regime, but like others the breathlessness got progressively worse.

No medico nor report has really given me an explanation for the delayed reaction after giving fags away.

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What i can make out it is only some people who give up the weed stick that the chest cleans up .

That is looking on YouTube and spent quite a few hours on it and on Google.

But you might want to look at were you live plus what sprays are being used

in your home if any .


My friend gave up smoking 5 years before me and her breathing became progressively worse, but I thought it was down to the 2 stone extra weight she gained. After I gave up 4 years ago my breathing has become progressively worse (and someone else on this website mentioned the same thing not too long ago) so I too am wondering if there could possibly be a link between giving up smoking and COPD (no matter how ridiculous that sounds).............


I gave up smoking in 95 getting fitter just came as extra bonus, last year while walking up a hill I got short of breath thinking it was down to diabetes 2, I went to the doctor I was told I had copd, the Doctor said it's because I smoked, funny that on other sites I found that it could be due to industrial dusts,so what ever the reason for how we got copd all that you can hope for is that the end game comes in the long distant future. The bonus of knowing whats wrong is knowing how to look after yourself and then keep asking for help when you need it.

look after yourself, all the very best for the future.



HI MARTIN, i gave up smoking in 1969, although i never smoked to excess , i felt a lot fitter after about 6 weeks and was pleased that i had stopped the stupid habit, this continued until 1984 when i was diagnosed with C O P D it was a sudden event which stopped me in my tracks, no warning shortness of breath or gradual lung problems, i still cant understand why even though i have looked into it over the past 28 years . my finding are that coming into contact with blue asbestos in the 1960s is most likely the culprit, good luck ,,Brian


Martin I was talking to my wife who said that while she was out walking with a friend, they met a man that her friend knew, after a short period of time the man explained that he used to smoke, but gave it up for better health and a better life style. He said that since he has been free of smoking he has developed diabetes 2 and copd, my wife said to me, funny that you did the same and have the same conditions. I wonder if there is a connection?

Still the anwsers from the health guru would possibily be, if you smoke you could get lung cancer or copd so give up smoking. damed if you do damed if you don't.

Be lucky



I gave up also around 2000 after been told by my GP that my shortness of breath was due to smoking, turns out the GP couldn't have been more wrong, not once did the GP arrange any tests just asked if I smoked, I did, and it wasn't until another family member who had quit smoking years ago complained to the same GP about shortness of breath that a test was arranged for me after he was found to have an hereditary condition, just as I do but i got the short straw .

I now question any doctors about all conditions and medication they prescribe me


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