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Respiratory Nurse

Have an appointment at 9am tomorrow with the Respiratory Nurse for an assessment.

I have been getting more breathless when trying to do things in the house, my oximeter reads 97/98 at rest but as soon as I do even the smallest thing (maybe a bit of washing up) it goes down to anything from 87 to 84.

I seem to be getting quite a few head aches especially if I have had to go shopping or have been breathless for a longer time, don't know if that can be causing them.

I do not have a chest infection. I think I will take my oximeter with me to make sure it is working properly.

Hopefully I will have some answers, I hope so. I will have to put the alarm on for 6 to give me time to get ready. :-O

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I'm no doctor but headaches can be caused by having too much carbon dioxide in the system but wait until the assessment is done before taking this as gospel.


I would agree with Puff Co2 retention can cause headaches also leads to desaturation of oxygen sats on moving.

Good tjhong to get assessed you may need your blood gases done to be sure of levels as oximeter cannot measure Co2 levels

Best wishes

Jo :-)


blood gases that when blood is taken deep in the wrist?


yes although it can also be taken from the earlobe if nurse has the right equipment.


And if your BP is a bit higher too as I am sure it is stressful but I am sure that will be checked tomorrow too.

Make a list Polly so that you remember to tell her everything you experience, even if you remember before you go, the way these things go, you get sidetracked and come out of the appointment and think 'damn, I forgot to tell her or ask her....'

Just like I did in my physio this morning but by no means important like your assessment

I hope it all goes well for you Polly




Good luck and all goes well


Wishing you the best of luck Polly , dont let them rush you . Look forward to hearing how you get on. Su . :-)


Good luck Polly. Let us know how you get on.

Lynne xx


Good luck for tomorrow. Keep us posted. x


Good luckPolly,keep us all informed


I do hope that you get some answers and action, if you need it. Please keep us informed.


Hi polly make your list of questions tonight while they are fresh in your mind.

It does sound as if you need ambulatory oxygen - you do need blood gasses checking.

You will get help and support. We'd like to know how you get on come back and share with us. Good luck.



Hi Polly, I am on oxygen 15/24. It doesn't stop breathlessness but stops the other organs having to struggle because of lack of oxygen. I get a muzzy head if I am due to put it back on, which I suppose could turn into a headache if I didn't have it.

Carole x


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