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Update on my infection

Hi everybody, well I am feeling a lot better this week, the two lots of antibiotics and steriods seem to be working, But advice please, should I ring my doctor and tell him I know it's still there although not as bad, and should I start taking my spare meds to make sure . I have finished one lot of the antibiotics. But still have a few days of the other he gave me different quantities in each lot 10 in one pack 21 in the other many thanks the other side to this week has been my youngest daughter passed her driving test my eldest daughter had her gallbladder out yesterday, my uncle had a new hip replaced he is 81 and doing very well my auntie started to get really confused and had a little stay in hospital. She is 80 but apart from that everything seems to be ok thank you all once again for your good wishes and advice last week x

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Good Morning, What a hectic time in your family! Hardly time for your illness as well. Personally I would ring the Doctor and ask his advise. He seems to have been very helpful so far, especially as it towards the end of the week. (not such a good service at the weekend!). Glad to hear you are feeling a lot better and hoping you are completely better very soon. Take good care. TAD xx


Yes you are right, I have just rung the docs and I will find out what he has said after surgery this afternoon so watch this space so to speak Thank you for your good wishes


Hallo Meike,glad to hear you are better,congrats to the daughter whom got her licence! Hope the other one is feeling better after her op.How wonderful your uncle has done so well with his hip replacement,at his young age,lol! He'll probably be dancing soon.

Wishing you all the best,

Wendells xx


Hello we dells Thank you for your good wishes, yes you are right my uncle is chomping at the bit to get out of hospital he only had it done on Tuesday. But wants to come home. He is such a fit man and this is the second time he has had a new hip. He will be wanting to get out in his garden hopefully he will be able to do So in a few weeks I wish I was half as fit as him x


Sorry that should Hello wendells x


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