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Worlds best kept secret.....for all HealthUnlockders

Quick question,on what side of your car is your fuel tank?

If you are anything like me,you probably can't remember right away.My solution is to uncomfortably stick my head out of the window,strain my neck and look.If you don't do this in your own car you defintely have done it in a borrowed or rental car.

Well HealthUnlockders,I,m going to share with you a little secret so you will no longer look like AceVentura on your way to the fuel station or put your neck at risk of discomfort or injury.

If you look at the fuel guage on your console,you will see a small icon of a fuel pump.The handle of the fuel pump will extend out on either the left or right side of the pump.?If your tank is on the left,the handle will be on the left.If your tank is on the right your,the handle will be on the right.It is that simple!

I don't know how you feel right now but when I found out I felt stupid!

Go out and share the worlds best kept car secret with your friends as this information is way to important to be kept secret.

The Professor

Richard Cornish


A solution for you,join your local Breathe Easy group now.

Details BLF

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I didn't know that either! So simple. Libby


As you say ,it is so so simple.


Nobody that I have ever mentioned it to knew about it.Pleased to have made your day sylb



Having worked at a Garage for 30 years that overlooked the petrol forcourt, my favorite entertainment was watching customers pull up, get out of the car and realise they had parked on the wrong side of the pump, they would get back in the car drive around the pumps and up the other side, get back out of the car and find that they were still the wrong side of the pump, stand and look totally confused, get back in the car, drive around the pumps again, get back out to find they were still the wrong side, it was totally hilarious. If only they had known your secret King. If I had known it, I certainly would'nt have told them as it was terrific fun for me to watch the confused and embarrissed look on thier faces. The crazy thing is the hose is long enough to reach the other side of the car anyway in most cases. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Happy Memories.


Pumping around in circles!Gave you some laughs though


When my eye sight gets bad enough that I lose the filler it has no hope of finding a nozzle on a gauge.


You have to remember which side of the car the filler is on first before you look for it!


I do not have a car but I will be looking next time I am in the mother in laws car xxxxx


A kindly gesture to let her know!


It would be as she is convinced she is going around the twist anyway. Told her i would meet her near the bend lol xxxxx


OH. You are awful,I mean ,well really!!!!


lol :-P


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