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i am going to montigo bay jamaica in april, i am from usa, i am trying to find oxygen in jamaica but they are talking crazy, i will be coming with a potable concentrator but it only goes to 3, i need a tank when i get there to walk, they say it would cost me 400 dollars for 1 e silender i am going to need about 8, thats crazy. i will be there for 4 days , can some one help me. i dont have that kind of money, it only cost 200 a month for my oxygen at home...theres got to be a place, that has oxygen, has some one been to jamaica that knows what i should do or call

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I am wondering if your regular supplier in the US will be able to put you in touch with a supplier in Jamaica, or even arrange for your oxygen to be supplied while you are there. Libby

they said no that they dont have a supplier there and with my insurance i would have to pay cash

Am sorry, I'm afraid I don't have any answers for you apart from that suggestion. Maybe you will get more helpful replies tomorrow. Libby

Hi Ad Try Google Search Jamaica .... As TM Owner I Would Be Lost Trying To Enforce Trade Marks Internationally With Out Use Of Google Translate And Search ... Here Google Jamaica Link

Hope It Helps :)

If Not I Charge By The Hour ... Only Joking All The Best

lol, i might just have to sit in a wheelchair while i am there , that might work, i just dont no, i will google it

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