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Hospital Car Parks

I went to the hospital yesterday for a DEXA scan. It is a bit of a walk down the wind tunnel of an entrance but thought I would make it OK. Left early to give myself time. On arrival I was stuck in line for parking and it was 45 minutes before I found a space. Thought I would need to go home and ring them for a new appointment but just managed with 2 minutes to spare. The nurse was efficient, friendly and almost on time. But what can be done about the parking? Its a wonder anyone makes their appointment. There are quite a few disabled parking slots but still not enough. Any suggestions? Next time think I will order a taxi.

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I have found out the hard way that there are never empty disabled spaces close to where the chest clinic is at the hospital I visit so I get taxis. This also helps with the breathing too as I no longer get frustrated looking for that elusive place. The hospital also has volunteers who if money is tight will help with hospital appointment or visits to patients maybe yours has the same look for the WVS or Patient services for this information.


I have used patient transport which is good but means an extra hour or so waiting time...great of going to appt alone.


Our hospital has loads of parking, as long as you get there no later than 5.15am, before it fills up !

Some big areas used to be staff parking but they've stopped issuing permits and everyone is supposed to use the park & ride scheme. That means parking at the racecourse, about 3Km away by road. They run a free bus service to the hospital from there, that operates from 6.30am until 10pm, Mon-Fri only.

There's no shelter at the racecourse, so you have to sit in your car until you see the bus, then hope you can get to it before it shoots off. It drops off and picks up at one point, the out-patients main door. If you've an appointment elsewhere you have to make your own way or try and find someone to provide a wheelcahir.

There are about 15 disabled parking bays in the hospital grounds, I've yet to find one empty when I go up there. I certainly don't fancy having to go up a couple of hours before an appointment to play the waiting game and see if any become available.

Until about a year ago I'd been using the bus. The walk from the nearest stop to the hospital itself is getting beyond me though. Just too far to walk now. Well, on a nice day with an hour to spare and somewhere to sit and I might have tried it, but there isn't anywhere to stop apart from the smokers corner at the main gates :(

I'm supposed to be starting PR soon, they said probably end of January but I've not heard from them yet. I have been told to ring and see what transport they can provide to get me there and back as it's 2 sessions a week for 14 weeks. No way am I going to attempt it by bus, I can't afford taxis and the wife has the car for her work.

Even if I had a car of my own, I'd think twice about trying to get in for appointments. The only available parking tends to be on the main road outside, and that's limited to 3 hours max stay, with very active wardens checking regularly. If I use the hospital car park I have to pay, blue badge or not. I have a staff permit too, but that means nothing apart from an easy target for car thieves if they think you're going to be at work all day !


Seems these days parking is a problem at most hospitals,too few disabled spaces and the cost.Some PR groups supply transport when you are attending. Taxis seem to be the best choice. At our hospital even on public transport it can take 30 mins to get from the main entrance to the car park or hospital doors. Cuts have occured in patient transport so many people no longer qualify.When I went to Leicester hospital I was advised to use another form of transport as there were too few disabled parking bays even for blue badge holders.Then as you say there are no seats at hospitals on which the less able can rest , only seats in the actual clinics. Some of the corridors are lengthy to reach the distant chest departments, feels like we have to do keep fit before we see the consultant(smiles).


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