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Another question regarding my dad

I put a post up 2 days ago about my dad and what I thought was vertigo .

He had the doctor out yesterday and he has a nurse going today to take blood . He is no better . I'm not sure if it I vertigo as its all the time even when laying down , he's been like it for 2 days now . His hands and feet are also freezing and he is a grey colour! He is sleeping so much as well .

I know it might be due to lack of oxygen but we got told his oxygen level is always really good and that he would ever need it ( he is a red puffer ?) he has his sats read through a home monitoring system every day .

My dad is in the later stages of this and thinks the is nothing anyone can do now so he won't go to a&e or anything . My mum has rang the BLF helpline they are ringing back soon .She is also waiting for his copd nurse to ring .

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I can't give you any practical advise but I think your Mum is doing the right thing - perhaps she could ring the doctor if the COPD nurse is unable to help. I hope you get some answers for your Dad. Good Luck TAD xxx


Oh Bless, big virtual hugs, it sounds as though you need it! I hope you get things sorted out and they make him comfortable.

Cass xx


Thanks :) he can't leave his bed at the mo ,hopefully the copd nurse will come and visit him

Sam x


Thinking of you Sam, hope you get help soon. x


Hope you get some asnwers today Sam. Lots of healing thoughts to you and your Dad.

Love C xxx


thinking of you - keep us posted about your Dad. Hope things sort themselves out soon. Love Annie80 xx


Hope your Dad is feeling a little better now Sam, it could be a side effect of one of his medicines making him feel dizzy.Hugs Carol x


Good luck Sam, I know how hard it is, I care for my mum.

It could be labryinthitis, an inner ear condition that makes you feel dizzy all the time


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