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New NHS None Smoking Advert .... A Cigerate Or Your Life .... If Only It Was That Simple :O

A Say If Only - But Yes I Started Smoking In My Mid 20's Not Because It Was Cool Or Macho Or Out Just Because A Liked The Smell On My Girl Friends Breath

Am No Psychologist Or After A Degree Or A PHD A Just Like The Smell It Might Have Had Something To Do Or Reminds Me Of Nice And Safe Times Or Could Of Been The Buz

But Never The Less It Is A Nasty Habit ..... And As New NHS None Smoking Advert Did Make Me Quite Sick

But Now Thanks To My Nasty Habit It Reminds Me Of TRIFLE And I <3 TRIFLE But Like All Nasty Habits That Try To Control Your Mined It Don't Control My Soul

But As Nice As It Been Is Time To Kick That Nasty Habit :) And Thoughts Of TRIFLE Like Really TRIFLE :P

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