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Saying hi

Hello everyone i would like to introduce myself i am mark 52yrs recently been diagnosed with copd mild at the moment although i did have a infection a while ago and could barely walk but not to bad now i have been treated with amoxcillin but slowly getting worse again ialso have epilepsy hiv osteopathy and other associated problems i joined to find out how people were getting on with dla health checks as its all very worrying to me and everyone alike not nice not being able to breath properly let alone the other problems on top which ddont help anyway i shall not go on bye for now mark h

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A very warm welcome to you Mark.

There is a programme on radio 4 at noon today which you may find interesting. I think there are a lot of folks worried about the changes to pip and the way they are being treated.

You might want to go back to your GP if you feel you may have another infection coming on.

Love C xxx

Hi there unfortunately wont be in for the radio program. Got to go out.and dont think i have another infection just the lungs building up. Still getting used to it i think.anyone hi nice to speak.


Just listened to it. Sue Marsh was excellent. The article was about 40 minutes in and was mainly about ESA. Earlier there was a very funny article on online dating - made me laugh anyway! X

Hello and welcome Mark. If your infection is not improving/coming back you probably need a stronger antibiotic. Amoxycillin is not really recommended for chest infections. I'd go back to the doc. Good luck.

Yes i had a chest infection at the time. It was not till after that they gave me xrays and spirometry tests and realised i had copd as i was complainig about breathlessness for a few yrs and it was always put down to something else at the time.

Hello Mark, welcome to the site. Hope you feel better soon. :) Auntymary xx

Manythanks ok today just wading through all these replys wish i got as many on the dating line

My cons who specialises in cf/bronch has prescribed amox in the past - mind it was 3g per day. Mark if your infection is coming back it could be you needed a higher dose for longer, or it could be the bugs who are taking up residence in your lungs are not sensitive to amox and as auntymary says you may need a different ab. It would be an idea to talk to gp about putting in a sample of sputum. X

Yes thankyou trouble is i see different docs about different things and they contradict each other when i get infections or just feel unwell but hey ho i am use to it. Have plenty of emergency treatment.

Hi mark and welcome. amoxycillin dosn't work for my chest infections, go back to the doctors.

Lib x

Having had amoxcillin quite a few times now over the yrs i dont think it work s well as it use to they also gave me steroids for emergencys not had them before.

Hi and welcome Mark.

Manythanks hi to you to

hello Mark it definately sounds like you should visit your GP good luck x

Yes i shall see how it gos i take other pills to protect my chest against various things prescribed by other drs to help keep infections away.

Hello from me too Mark and welcome to this site. I can't help with your questions about DLA as I'm lucky enough to not need benefits and still able to work.

Lynne xx

Thats good u fortunately for me i have problems with epilepsy mostly at night and get other problems with hiv always getting infections somewhere but someti.es they dont no what medical condition is causing what up till all this i was a merchant seaman which i miss.

Thankyou and hi

Hullo, Mark and welcome. You wont be lonely.

Not on here never had so much in my inbox.

Hello Mark .Welcome .Iwill try to keep you smiling

Always smiling got two chihuahuas which keep my mind off me as i live on my own but keep my mind occupied

Hi Mark nice to meet you. Welcome to the site.

Bev x


Welcome Mark and hope you get the right antibiotics for you. I am carer for my hubby Pete and he has had a few different ones over the time. Take care and look after those lovely dogs of yours. Pets are great company. xx

welcome Mark, this is a wonderful site, we have a resident joker known a kingofthe cocktails


I have various health probs and one of the GPs at the practice said I have got to stop seeing any Doc who has a space. When you got multiple probs its best to stick to the same GP. Since I have done this the treatment I get is much better. My granddaughter is HIV pos so I know how that can interfere with other health probs. I am on my 7th lot of antibiotics since September. Act sooner rather than later.


maxer xx

Yes thankyou for that life does get very confusing when you see so many drs. But i try to see the same ones when i can

Sounds good to me.but all is as well as can be today .no rain get the dogs out today. Takecare mark h

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