Hi everyone this is an update on my COPD, doctor said i have to go to chest clinic as he is not happy with my breathing this was in November last year and yes i have just got the appiontment for this thursday.

At the moment i am going to different hospitals for this that and the other but solong as they help me thats all that matters.

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I'm glad you have your appointment on Thursday William, fingers crossed they can help you with your breathing :)

Hi William hope everything goes well at the chest clinic and they can help you with your breathing.

good luck

polly xx

Good wishes for your appointment William, keep us up to date.

We haven't met before, William, so I would like to wish you all the best for your hospital visits. Take care with this wintery weather. Bye Annie80x


Thanks Annie

To everyone who have sent me best wishes for Thursday a big THANKYOU.

Good luck for Thursday William.

Yes same here good luck.

Lib x

good luck to you Libby

Hope everything goes well for you on Thursday William.



Thankyou Syl

I went to hospital on thursday got an MOT and they took four phyles of blood from me now i go back next Tuesday for a CRI scan then back again on the 11th next month breathing tests and a wait before the doctor sends for me.

thankyou to every one who sent me good luck messages

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