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BLF Helpline - the snow affects service

Hi Everyone

Just to let you know that the BLF Helpline has closed early at 3 pm to allow the team to get home before the snow gets worse. I think most of the other BLF offices have also closed early due to the weather.

We will be back open at 10 am on Monday.

Enjoy whatever you do at the weekend - I'll be sat in doors, possibly with some red wine, or maybe gin, looking out at the (nasty) snow - and not venturing out even though my son wants to have a snow ball fight (I am a spoil sport)

Keep warm - be good.


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You will be blessing me for the following suggestion! There has been a lot of witty comments and jokes coming through the forum. Canalchris in particular has written some very moving stuff which could be tagged (right name) somehow. Dont know what ideas you have but it would be great to have it altogether. ----Keeep warm and have a good weekend bye from Annie80

Drive safely on the roads going home all BLF staff.

I think I might get the red wine out later as I am in the process of cooking some sun dried tomato bread, think it will go down a treat ....... :)

Mark! Have you yet to learn the positive effects of regular exercise? Even after we bang on about it almost daily? Get out there and throw some snowballs - right now! Auntymaryxx

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Love it xxxxx

Aunty Mary i totally agree Mark should get out in the snow - we still have some & with more possibly on the way there really is no excuse!


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