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I didn't know this re PIP Mobility change !!! the mean ........s

Attacks on DLA and ESA claimants

the DWP dropped a bombshell on disabled claimants. They suddenly revealed, after all the consultations were over, that people wanting to qualify for the higher rate of the personal independence payment (PIP) mobility component will have to show they that they are unable to walk more than 20 metres, rather than the 50 metres generally used for disability living allowance (DLA). The DWP now estimate that over half a million people will miss out on higher rate mobility under PIP compared to DLA.

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Good info Stitch, that makes everything clearer.


Thanks Julie. It is important that people realise this is not a straightforward swap to the same benefit under a different name. While I agree that the system needed changing because of abuse, there are some genuine people who will lose out financially, especially as it is ATOS who will be doing the assessing.


yes, you so right ! are we really all in it together !!!!?


Now I am worried,

I only went through the reassessment process for this in Aug/Sept of 2012, that was before I was diagnosed with COPD as I have other chronic health problems.

Am I going to be forced to fill in these horrible forms yet again?

if so, what on earth are they playing at making people fill them in when they literally take days to complete when so many health problems if they have to be done again in April



sorry to disagree with you Stitch but my friend 72yrs was given another assesment over the phone and lost her low rate off attendance allowance, she was uptight when they phoned, thing is she is getting a stair lift installed by occupational therapy as not able to climb the stairs to toilet or bed makes me furious.


Apoligies Stitch needing to read slower you did say attendance allowance not affected by PIP was thinking you meant not affected by cuts.....getting dody in my old age....take care.


i think that the government would prefer it if we all stopped breathing altogether i will for one lose out because i can walk with a struggle for breathe but will lose out because i can actually walk as i see it we will have to carry on suffering because the government could not care less about us because you can not see our illness with the naked eye


It's called moving the goalposts !!!!!!!!!!! Even before the new system the government said it would reduce the DLA budget by 20% ,now we know how they are going to do it.

There was a time when I thought that Cameron who had a disabled son himself RIP ,would have avoided the normal Tory philosophy of attacking the weak,the elderly, the sick.the disabled,bot no leopards do not change their spots.


and if they move the goalposts often and fast enough, none of us will be able to run to get between them to stop them hitting the back of the net



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