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has anyone had a fluid buildup in your plural cavity? They did a thorasintisus on my husband

who has been diagnosed with copd & they withdrew a lot of bloody fluid,,i thought he would be able to breath better but he doesnt..his lung specialist told him he has 33 percent lung function & is on oxyegon most of the time except while sleeping..he mostly sits all day except when he goes to pulmonary

rehab..his problems mostly began when over 2 years ago he fell in the yard over a saw & cracked his rib,,he told his GP who didnt x-ray or anything

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this is hard thing for you husband to go threw , I like you thought it would be able to breather better afterwards I was shock ed and upset to see it didn't, but I was told he will be easier for him as it would of got worse. you husband is like what my john was . rehab will help you might not think it but it does even if its ten steps more each week. I could talk forever here on this but it does help your husband in the sense it easies the lungs and doesn't put as much stress on his lungs. love you husband and give him a hug each day .


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