Tomorrow is my 1st anniversary of giving up smoking. Yay!

I have mentioned before that I only started getting breathless after I stopped smoking. So my lovely husband has just sung to me. 'Happy COPD to you, Happy COPD to you.... You know the rest. Don't take it the wrong way, he understands fully, but I do love his sense of humour.

So pleased I have stopped xx

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lol..... congratulations on your anniversary Lynne xx :)

and may there be many more !

Happy Anniversary.

Congratulations :-)

well done on reaching your 1st anniversary hope you reach your golden one

Janet x

Well done, keep it up.

Congradulations and keep up the good work, remember it takes about 2 years for your body to get back on line once you have stopped smoking, never go back.


Happy anniversary to you.What a great present to give yourself,feel proud! xxx

Very good and sincere congratulations, they say celebrating giving up smoking is as important as celebrating a birthday.

Lib x

Happy anniversary and many congratulations. xxx

Happy Anniversary Lnne and congratulations xx

Happy anniversary and well done to you, hope you have many more anniversaries to celebrate.

Congratulations and celebrations

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