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Declining health

I had to go to hospital yesterday to see the heart consultant after having an echo-cardiogram and was told by him that I have to have an angiogram done on my heart. He has also put me on medication as well, so that's more flaming drugs in my system. I am really feeling down about my health which seems to be deteriorating rather rapidly. How ever on the plus side, I have now been awarded D.L.A, higher rate and middle rate care component. Also just found out my E.S.A (support group) has increased my benefit to the high disability rate. All I can say is, although getting extra help financially, which helps to pay for my needs, coming at a very high painful price is NO FUN!!

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It must be hard to have more bad news. Try to be positive, information never killed anyone, try to get the docs to explain why you are on the meds. ... not always easy, tho I think understanding the reason for meds makes them easier to bear.

Hopefully the angio will be good news or at worst give you the opportunity to improve your health.

Hoping for a good 2013



Bolilly thank you for your message of hope and I always try to think of others far worse off than I am. As my mother used to tell me that when I was ill as a child many many moons ago lol. It's nice to have positive support and for that, I thank you again.

I wish you a happy new year and wish you all the best in your health and future. :-)


Hi Stitch,, You're very true, I have had so much bad luck happen to me since my birth, that I am used to it, I have tried and done myself in so to speak many years ago, but i am the type of person that it doesn't work on (obviously) lol. Nope, I just have to be like a boxer, take it on the chin, get knocked down and then get back up, story of my laugh, hey having a sense of humor as mad as mine (according to my kids) keeps the mind happy. I think of myself as a walking chemist, if someone needs it (tablets) You can be sure I have them lol.


If it makes you feel any better cuddles, I have cardiac, emphysema, osa, bone and vit d deficiency without any DLA but max support on ESA. Although I did not get regular cardiac support drugs till after the angiogram except the doc asked me to take aprin daily and I had the pink liquid you put under your tongue if you think you are having a heart attack (that's the one that if pain doesn't go away after using you dial emergency providing you are still fit enough to do so, if not just have to hope someone will do it for you) thankfully I didn't need to dial emergency and am able to tell you this story :) ;) .

Hope all goes well with your cardiac investigations.

At least we have instant membership to the shake rattle and role lclub ;)


Hi Zoe, Oh I am sorry to hear that you have had it bad with your heart, I know there are many out there like yourself who are a lot worse off than me. My sister has had a stent put in because of her heart as well, she too has Osteoarthritis and her spine is crumbling, plus she just found out her jaw has deteriorated and she has to go into hospital at the end of the month for a metal plate fitted in her jaw, I do feel sorry that you too have so many medical health issues and i hope and pray that you get the treatment you need as well. I loved your comment on the shake rattle and role club, that was brilliant lol Stay strong Zoe.

Best wishes



I do alright Lynda, the main thing is getting it all stable if you can and that means we might have to take the drugs. I didn't do the osteo drug because of the side affects and my osteo isn't advanced yet and I am trying my best with regular exercise to try and stop it getting any worse. Your poor sister seems to have drawn both ends of the straw. I hope she will be ok and you also. Staying stong although I do have my moments as we all do. Keep on smiling.


Hi Lynda. Take good care of yourself and remember to treat yourself to something nice and totally frivolous every once in a while.

I don't know your personal situation, but as you are now on the middle rate for care and have (or would like) someone helping you out they are entitled to Carer's Allowance. The gov.uk web site has all the information and requirements, if you're interested.


Carer's Allowance entitlement isn't just you getting high or middle rate care DLA, the Carer needs to be caring for 35+ hours per week and earning less than £100 per week


Apx. £100 after certain allowable deductions, such as NI, tax, part of pension contributions. Point is all the information is available on the gov.uk web site and IMO any benefit you're entitled to that will make your life easier should be taken advantage of because that's why they exist.

There is a form that needs to be filled out by the potential carer. It's surprising how easy it is also to get up to 35+ hours a week too. When my husband first became disabled I didn't want to claim, but my local Carer's support staff convinced me to do it. Even though my husband could do virtually nothing for himself I didn't think what I did would add up to 35 hours. All I thought about was personal care. However, things like shopping (you should see me in the store trying on men's shoes to gauge whether or not they'll fit my husband's foot!) and all the other little bits and pieces of routine life quickly add up to 35 hours.

In any case, it's available so my advice is to decide whether or not you're interested.


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