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Good Luck in 2013 to everyone on this site

Hope you all had a good new year and enjoyed the celebrations as best as you can.I was with my family having a quiet one at home, playing games with my grandchildren. Had a good few drinkies though.mmm.

I am spending today with my family and having dinner at my daughters which I am looking forward to. Its a lovely morning so getting ready to go for a brisk walk with my doggie,have my puffer ready when I get back ha ha, its all down hill now, we can look forward to the spring and much needed sunshine hopefully for some easier breathing.

I hope you are all doing something nice too.

Love Teigy1 x

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well I think I will go and begin turning the garden over just to warm up a bit as my heating is on the blink

Happy new year


you poor thing, hope you get heating sorted out soon,enjoy gardening


Happy New year to you Brook,had a nice time with family also,think I will need a week to recover though!!xx


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