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Seems many of you not feeling 100%

Reading the blogs for the first time since before Christmas, seems as if many of you and including me are feeling a bit rough, more breathless than usual and generally fed up. Doctor

told me to double up my ADs because I was feeling so low but that made me feel worse, so back to one a day. All the family here for Christmas which was great and we had a lovely time grandchildren had chesty coughs, so started on my anti biotics over Christmas - just in case. they've gone home now but still feeling tired and a bit miserable but no infections, I think Christmas is bad for your health. We are going to friends New Years day which I could do without but then getting out might do me good.

Anyway hope next year is a good one (bad luck to wish a Happy New year until New years day)

Love to you all Lib x

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Do you know what, Lib --- it is the constant rain and a flat depressed feeling that a lot of people get after Christmas, well or not. What will do me good are the bulbs making an appearance. Get Jan and Feb over, and have the lighter evenings could help you.

I was with my daughter and family. They all had colds and coughs. I was the quiet one armed with my antibiotics. I will admit coming back home after 4 hours driving was bliss - no disrespect to my daughter. I have been coping with washing this morning with difficulty. Stop for a breather.

Some sunshine could help us all ---- Happy New Year from Annie x


Shortest day is over Annie, it can only get better.

Lib x


I've been lucky as I have been well and my mood has been good too. If we get snow and ice, I will actually be worse as I hate it.

Despite that, I am looking forward to spring and getting back into a normal routine again after Christmas.

Lynne xx


Hi Libby,so glad you had xmas with your family.As much as we love them dearly, it still can be a bit of a strain,especially around xmas time.You have probably been a bit exhausted, and feeling hungover (not literally)!!

Good idea to take the antibiotics, if the younger ones were sick.Do take care of yourself,and get back to your normal self soon.Enjoy the New Years eve, if you go,and look forward to a healthy,as can be 2013!

Hugs Wendells xxx


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