ESA: The Work Capability Assessment and Form ESA50

ESA: The Work Capability Assessment and Form ESA50

Hi there heavy breathers!

Here's a little something I found whilst doing a little research, and I thought I'd share this information with you all. The link is to download a 16-page PDF which will answer most of your questions about 'Descriptors' and their equivalent scores, plus other vital information you may need at some future point. The download is safe, I promise. And so, without further ado, here goes ...


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  • When I filled in my ESA 50 form I found a really good guide at it shows the form and there are sections in red telling you exactly what the questions mean and how to fill it in to give the full picture of your difficulties or illness.

  • having left that link I tried it again for myself and it was not the full link. Hopefully this one is right!!!

  • More frustration if they do not listen to benefit advice line specialists then this can have the same ending for a lot of hard work that specialists already know about. Get help with a case not more stress and anxiety over have the most important things been done.

    Could be an area thing but went through test and into support group straight away with help from CAB they asked me questions then filled things in which gave me confidence that it was ship shape before sending off.

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