Our little dog update

Thank you everyone for you kind comments.

We got him home last night but he had to go back this morning to finish his drip they did not want to keep him overnight because of stressing him out.

They still do not know what is causing his pain, it could be muscular so they are going to try him on tramadol today to see how he tolerates it, trouble is he is so tiny only 2.5 kilos.

Hopefully getting him back at 4pm.

polly xx

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  • Poor little fellow, hope he picks up soon. xx

  • Have they not tried x-ray to find out what his problem is? Hope he is feeling better very soon.

  • Yes xrays and bloods bill £290 plus the 50 or so I paid the days before and probably some more tonight.

    Always get your pet insured, thank goodness we have.

    polly xx

  • got my insurance from a well known supermarket that had no age limit on joining it, fingers crossed for good news soon polly

  • It's very upsetting when your pet is ill. I do hope it turns out to be temporary Polly. Fingers crossed, let us know. Libby x

  • I hope they get a result soon and that you can enjoy your Christmas x

  • Aww hope the little chap gets well soon x

  • He is home, still don't know what causes his pain or where it is so he is on painkillers and his usual heart medicine and see how that goes.

    Thanks for all your good wishes.

    polly xx

  • Part of the prayers have been answered hoping for a little more improvement. xxx

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