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Hi everyone. Not health question but major computer problems. Can anyone help please?

I downloaded BitTorrent and Babylon Search Engine came with it. Want to change it back to previous one (Google?) The one which comes up with all the news, email connection and favourites etc. Have looked on web but find it too technical as am fairly computer illiterate!

Can anyone explain it to me in a less technical way please - words of one syllable please?


Bev x

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What operating system are you using. As in Windows XP, Vista, etc.

Windows XP

Windows XP

Hi Bev,

I probably know more about computers than I do about COPD

In the top right of your browser is the search box, where you type the topic your looking for.

Click on the small arrow along side the "Bing" symbol.

In the drop down that appears look for Google and click on that....

Job Done.


Thanks dantredan have done this, closed internet and reopened it. It still goes to babylon. Do I need to log out before it changes please?

Bev x

Uninstall Babylon. Try that.

Hi Bev,

Check this web-site:


Print off the instructions, and try to do what it says.


Another way but a bit more long winded ( no pun intended :) ).



It will open in the GENERAL tab.

In the top box type GOOGLE.

Then click APPLY then OK.

Google should now be your default browser.

I hope that helps.

Tried this Puff but it didn't work. Don't know why but I don't have Internet Options under my programmes. Its under tools instead. I couldn't get tools up on Babylon so I couldn't get to it. Many thanks anyway.

Bev x

Get rid of Babylon ? Sure...


I have just done this and works well thanks.

Hey thats a great site Gordon thanks. Lots of stuff there I didn't know.

Bev xx

Hi hypercat,

I gather from what you would like to delete the Babylon Search Engine. If that is so,

1. Click on 'Start' button. (Bottom left of screen)

2. A menu should appear. Click on 'Control Panel'.

3. Should be another screen. Click on 'Programs and Features'.

4. Should now have a screen with a list of programs. Scroll down to 'Babylon Search Engine'. Click on it to highlight it. You should now get some options including 'uninstall'

5 Click on 'Uninstall', and that should happen automatically.

To reset your Google start page, open a new tab. Then search for 'Google start page'.

Click on best link to take you to the Google page.

When I just tried it, there was a short questionnaire to fill in to set preferences.

With this page open, click on 'Tools' in the menu at the top of the screen.

Click on 'Options'.

A new page should open. Click on 'General' tab.

Another page should open with place marked 'Home Page'

Copy and paste the link for your Google page into this place.

Finish by clicking the 'OK' button on that page to set your change of page.

If you need more info or clearer instructions, just ask.

breathe easy



I never install anything like Babylon, it took me a while to sort it, when i was new to pc's, but if i do get any problems i always ask in a forum, usually does the trick. Like your way of getting rid, i;ll bear it in mind if and when i get a problem.

Thanks a lot Johnwr.

Bev x

Thanks everyone. Babylon not in my list of programmes so cant uninstall it. My internet options not on programmes screen but in my tool box. Found it and followed instructions. It then came up with 'system restore' so I took a date before I installed Babylon and it wouldn't accept it. Anyway now Babylon disabled and it comes up with Google Chrome. So partial success. Except that there is no email link on Google Chrome.

Also I really wanted it as it was before (Internet opened up with Hotmail MSM and email link and also showed all the news. Not sure but could it have been firefox?

So either need to change internet again or add email link to Google. Any ideas please.

I'm as confused as hell and I bet you all are too!

Phewwwww Bev x

I really don't mean to be rude, this is genuine advice, but if you're struggling to reset your search engine I'd strongly advise against using torrents. This is because you may well 'catch' something nasty and not know what to do about it. Just my view!

I didn't mean to reset search engine. Didn't realise that was happening when I downloaded BitTorrent. Is there another good site please that I can get free music from do you know?

Bev x

what you want to do is quite easy have the web page what you what as your brouser in your address bar now go to


interner options click on use current that will change it then click apply jobs done

you can change it to anyone you want this way

Just go into start, all programmes, accessories, system tools, system restore and go back to a date before you started all this. That should work. Carole

I did Carole but the it wouldn't accept it!

Bev x

I forget precisely the XP moves it may work similar.... To change home page quickly, right click on HOME (house) icon, then select, add or change home page. then select your preferences. Click save or apply.

To uninstall a programme, as others have mentioned, go to control panel and select uninstall programmes, wait for list to load then click on (highlight) the programme you want to uninstall. Then look for uninstall button, click on that and you are done.

If you install programmes in future and they come with a tool bar you have to untick the tool bar option tick box if its unwanted, or customise install and untick the box that includes the search engine or tool bar you don't want.

Wow didn't know that Zoee will remember that in future. Thanks a bundle. Bev x

Thanks for your replies everyone. I now have AVG - google set up on internet. I want to go back to internet explorer (think I was on that before) or be able to add toolbar and email link. Will have to fiddle for it.

Will let you know how I get on lol :)

Bev x

Cor thanks everyone who took the time to help. Have got it back to normal eventually...I fiddled and faddled and faddled and fiddled and and now I'm befuddled! Don't know how I did it but hey thanks all.

Hope you all have a brilliant Christmas and New Year.

Bev xxxxxx

> ...fiddled and faddled and faddled and fiddled and and now I'm befuddled...

At least you're no longer stuffed, like the turkey ! :D

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