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What is borderline oxygen sats?

Hi I went to the Docs today and have a really bad chest infection, I even have chest pain when taking a deep breath. He checked my oxygen sats level and its 93% while at rest, he said it was borderline but I forgot to ask borderline for what? I wonder if anyone else knows. I have antibiotics and mucodyne capsules to help clear my chest..... I suffer from Bronchiectasis

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My respiratory consultant says he's happy for my sats to be between 88 and 92 at rest :)

Hope this helps.

But are you COPF?

As that would be you're normally range. Above that is actually dangerous for a copd.

My assigned team would be horrified with an 88 o2 level at rest. I gave been in 3 hospitals in 3 states and every doctor I have seen would have you on supplemental oxygen.

I think the low 90's are borderline. Below 90 you really need oxygen or your heart, kidneys etc begin to suffer. I was borderline for years but have been on oxygen for a while now.

My oxygen nurse said I was on the borderline at rest with 88-90% so she put me on 1/2 l/min oxygen for 15 hours a day which I normally use when I'm asleep.This brings it up to about 92-94%, so 93% is ok. I have ambulatory oxygen but mainly use that at rehab.

From my experience if you drop below 93 at rest in hospital they like to do a blood gas test. The results from this is far more acurate and tells them a lot more than the electronic sensor on the finger. They will take blood from your ear or wrist,believe me the ear is the better option!!

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Thanks for all your answers, I had a kidney transplant 11 yrs ago and I'm on immuno suppressants and prednisolone, I'm also very anaemic my last Hb 2 weeks ago was 8.9 so now they've put me on epo injections......... All this and Bronchiectasis too. Think I'm ready for knackers yard lol x

Low oxygen saturation in the blood, can be brought about by anemia. it reduces the red blood cells reducing the capacity of the blood to carry oxygen which results to low oxygen saturation in the blood so I am told by my nurse as aspirin has a similar affect.

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Thats very usefull info Scotts, Ive always been boarderline anemia and now suffer with a fibrosis and pretty severe SOB. If the anemia was Improved It could slightly Improve the SOB so its worth discussing that with the GP. Any improvement would help. Thanks Scotts35.

Thought I was ready for the knackers yard 2 and a half years ago but decided to delay it. It was a good decision as life has improved immensley since those very dark days. Keep positive Claire317 and have a great Christmas :)

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I was told the same as elian 88-92

Borderline is 95+ they class 95 as border line where I am from although I got out of hospital 5days ago after being in there for 2 weeks suffering with severe asthma I had an attack which had been building up for 2 months solid and my oxygen levels dropped to 64 and lasted like that for 6 hours after reaching 74 for 6 days it does affect me as ever since I have had horrible head aches and dizzy-ness I am at 96 now which they apparantly still are not impressed about as 16 year old should be higher than that. X

I had blood taken from the ear at it was 88, is that to low ?

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