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MyBreathe Easy Christmas

Breathe Easy Nottingham had their Christmas lunch party at Edwalton Golf Club(their home) last week and aprox 80 members turned up to enjoy theirselves.

On Wednesday 40 members went for afternoon tea in the countryside at Bleasby Tearooms,only fields, trees,a frozen lake,horses with coats on and Jack Frost were to be seen

and the smell of the wood smoke from the chimney made it just like Christmas.

Richard Cornish


join your local Breathe Easy Group for that bit of extra friendship.Details from BLF

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Sounds like everyone had a great time.


Lynne xx

lol cat-tonic

I have to agree with you,all sounded great till the smoke (cough cough)

Sounds wonderful.Loved your winter descriptions,sitting here in the heat!.Merry xmas to you xx

We have just had the coldest week here for 20 years ! What is your temperature?

We have been in the late 30s recently,and humidity at 96 per cent,I find the heat easier to deal with, than the humidity.Dont know how I would cope with such cold temps,now lol!

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