A little bit scared at the moment

Pete has just gone off to the doctors with a sample pot in his hand containing two tablet like things that he passed from his bottom this morning! I have no idea what they are but he says if you squeeze them they ouse blood! It all sounds a bit scary to me but we both feel it could be to do with the prostate. Pete has had 4 ops in the past and he now pees very well but can get up anything from 1-5 times in the night and last night was 5 times. I am just praying it is not sinister but just wanted to post on here becaused I cannot believe he has something else wrong now as well as copd, sarcoidosis, osteoporosis plus other problems. I will have to wait and see what the doctor says and if he has to have tests. I would have gone with him but we are having our aerial replaced today and t.v. is important to Pete so he would not cancel it. Thanks for letting me waffle on. Hope everyone is doing well. sassy59xxxxx

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  • Hi Sassy, fingers crossed for Pete. x

  • Hi Sassy

    What a worry for you both. Hope all turns out well for Pete. Please let us know how he gets on.

    Love C xxx

  • Keeping everything crossed for him.

    Kim xxxx

  • Thanks for the support everyone but not sure what is going on now! Pete saw a doctor (female) who said she had never seen anything like it before but felt it could be his steroids just passing through the system whole. She then proceeded to throw the samples away and made Pete an appointment to see our usual GP on Friday. In the meantime he is now on white steroids instead of red! I thought the sample would have been sent for testing but it seems not. I just hope our usual doctor has a better idea of what to do. Watch this space! xxxx

  • What a worry! I hope your GP can shed some light on whats happening, meantime take it easy and enjoy some TV! thinking of you,hugs Carol x

  • Why is it that when we are at our most worried it takes the longest time to get some answers?

    I hope Pete gets some helpful answers on Friday.

  • You have each other for support, that is a wonderful plus, sometimes we think the worse of situations, I remember I saw red blood as well in that area on top of other things going on. For me I was afraid and scared at that moment in time, it turned out to be only ladies issues after having children, but at that moment in time it was scary. Not all things are bad they just need some working through, good luck be positive.x

  • Thanks everyone and am feeling more positive now. xxxx

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