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copd ,pensions ill health retirement

well it looks likely work are going to finish me on ill health grounds was hoping someone will no about if my pensions will kick in on ill health retirement because of copd

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Depends. If they decide you cannot do that job for now but might later, if they decide that you cannot do that job but could do another or if they decide you cannot work at any job. The latter was the outcome when I finished and I immediately got my full pension, with payments credited as though I had worked to retirement age. Good luck.


That should read contributions credited.


thanks aunty lookig on there websites its says just a docs letter saying i cant do the job im employed to do should be enough i hope so im sick of havig to fight for everything ive paid into


I think it depends if you are officially retired on medical grounds. As I understand it if you are then you can draw the pension early (not sure how early) and have like auntymary said full pension rights. You need to check with your work about this.

Are you in a union? if so they should know.

Hope this helps.

Bev x


As others have suggestd a lot depends on how leave your job and the age you are. If you are nearing retirement age you may be retired on health grounds. Otherwise you can be dismissed on health grounds which is not good news.

Speak to your union and get support in any meetings with HR.

Hope things turn out well for you.


If you're a member of a company pension scheme there will be rules/guidelines surrounding ill-health retirement. You should have a pension booklet which sets out these rules or should request one from your personnel dept. You are also entitled to approach the pension trustees who are legally obliged to offer impartial advice. The scheme booklet should list the trustees and contact details. Either way the best advice I can offer is to fully understand the terms on which your employment is being terminated and to get this in writing before agreeing to anything. If you're a member of a trade union you should be entitled to a certain amount of free legal advice. You need to get a pension statement from your employer setting out when your pension payments will start, how they will be calculated and how much they will be. There should also be an option to take part of your pension as a lump sum on termination, but this will obviously reduce yiour long term payments. above all don't get panicked into signing something until you fully understand it

Good luck

PS I am happy for you to keep in contact with me for ongoing advice; I was a member trustee of a company scheme for about 15 years before I was forced to retire in similar circumstances.


I've just started the process for ill health retirement too. I've had 6 years worth of reasonable adjustments but I've finally had to admit it I simply cannot continue anymore. If you've not tried reasonable adjustments first it may be harder to show that that would not help you to stay at work. I'm also getting evidence from several medics to say that things are not likely to improve this side of retirement age. That's another 20+ years off. I would ensure you have a full insight into the criteria you are working to for ill health retirement. My doctors have also had a copy of the criteria from my employer so they can be sure to cover the topics needed. They are fully aware of my scenario and believe I need to finally admit I can no longer work. By what I can gather it will not be a quick process, so I've also been starting my claim for when my statutory sick pay finishes. I've also started to apply to have my DLA claim looked at as my care needs have increased massively too.


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