Azithromycin Question

I was discharged form Hospital Yesterday,Friday 7/12/12,after doing all the tests I was told there was no sign of infection but I am suffering from Bronchitis.

I also have COPD and Bronchiectasis

Nothing they can do,I am told it will clear up itself but may take a while.

Chest Consultant has prescribed Azithromycin 1 cap Mon - Wed and Fri,but the warnings he gave with it are slightly scary.

Blood test every 2 weeks - Watch for Jaundice and all over itching being the main ones.

Are these tests necessary,sometimes I think it would be safer to put up with the infection than to wait for some side effect to happen?

Nice to hear from anyone else in the same situation



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  • I have been on Azithromycin for 8 months now as it was prescribed as a long term antibiotic to stop reoccuring chest infections. Well it has worked with no noticeable side effects.

  • Hi dall05

    Thank you for the reply

    When you were first prescribed the Azithromycin,were you told to have fortnightly blood tests,and given the other warnings I have mentioned?


  • Hi, I've been on Azithromycin, 1 tablet daily for a couple of years with no obvious side effects and blood tests were not mentioned. I suppose it is down to individual consultants and GPs how they approach the treatment. Take care, Richard

  • Thanks for the replies

    As I can't just walk into my GP Surgery and organise blood tests,I have made an appointment to see him on the 18 Dec.

    I will ask him what he thinks regarding the info I have been given,and will go with that.


  • I have been on it for a long time, I was not warned that such regular blood testas were required!

  • Thanks mocarey

    Makes me more certain I am doing the right thing asking my GP before diving in.


  • I've been on azithromycin for 9 months. No side effects or blood tests required however I have my bloods tested every month as the other meds I take can affect my liver and kidneys.

    I hope it works well for you - I've found it very effective.

    Marie x

  • Dad has been prescribed this since November and its purpose for him is to keep him well and out of hospital. So far so good. No side effects. His specialist told him that for the hundreds of patients she has prescribed it to over the years, the side effects are insignificant and not a factor for dad as the benefits far outway any possible side effects.

    He was told he would have blood tests done, none as yet and not sure when but it was mentioned.

  • I have been taking Azithromycin thrice weekly for the past 2 years with no significant side-effects. The Consultant who prescribed it did not suggest that regular blood tests are necessary.

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