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The Ct and Endoscope found a small tumor in one of my lungs

Found out yesterday on top of everything else have to cope with no I have a lump to arrghh am really fed up as been quite poorly this week another chest infection..

logged in this morning as usual it is all doom and gloom and little digs at people in posts etc

Have decided am far to poorly and Can't be bothered with it all prefer to go on Fb and have laugh with my old friends who never bicker and fall out and are lovely with one and other...

Hope you all remain well and happy....

lots of love hugs & stuff Ali xx

Ali xxxxxxx

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Following the moving on advice until those who come here for support can be heard once more, it is a time to seek counseling and return if able at a later date. wishing you well :-)


Dear Ali, so sorry for your recent CT Scan results and so sorry you have been put off by some people here, to be honest I fully understand, when we are ill we just do not need additional aggro in our lives, its a shame on line support has to be sacrificed in order to avoid the people who cause trouble and grief for others.

Sending you loads of feeling better thoughts. Take good care of yourself.

Hugs Zoee xox


sorry to read your blog hun, thinking of you and send you my best wishes x


Ali has now left the site and i don't think she will be coming back,shes a lovely lady and

should never off felt she had to leave this way, i will miss her very much,

rose x


oh no, not another lost to the site. there is no choice to lose people when they pass away... this seems that other nasty folk are actually wasting time and life's joys by making people leave here ! Take care and all the best Ali. xxx Julie


I'll miss you Ali. Take care. xx


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