bestest grandad

bestest grandad

Everybody has the bestest grandad I suppose, but I consider richard to be up there with the best. He had a stroke 21 years ago and took early retirement, from work that is, he became childminder extraordinaire, looked after Rowen, now 19, up to school time while her mum worked part time. My other daughter had 2 daughters but we missed out on the baby minding as they lived in norfolk and we live in yorkshire. That is up until Dionne, half way through a 3 year university course gave birth to her 3 rd daughter 8 years ago this xmas. Richard volunteered to go down and be a live in nanny for board and lodgings. He got home as often as possible but as I worked full time and was the bread winner, I couldnt go down there so he came up the odd weekends, this went on from lil em being 8 weeks old to being 18 months old, as well as baby minding he kept her house up to par and cooked a meal for the 2 others when they came home from school, then he minded the kids at night so Dionne could study. She passed with a 2/1 and a distinction, we were so proud as we watched her graduate. It was thanks to her dad that she did so well and has since got a top job in our local university so they all live back up here now. I gt used to letting myself into a cold house and making a meal for one and sleeping alone . now he's removed himself to the back bedroom, its because he's thinking of me getting proper sleep, he's the best. Altogether we have 9 grandchildren aged from 10 weeks to 25 yrs, and a 2 yr old great grandson, we love them all, and if there was anyone that was created to be a grandad it was Richard.

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  • How wonderful. I never knew a Grandad (WW1 sorted that) or a Grandmother (they all died so young) But now we have a Grandson (only 21 months) so we hope to be around for a long time to see him grow up.

    Lynne x

  • we have 5 grandchildren and they are all so special-its like having kids again that go back home of a night if they are not having a sleepover-unrequited love running towards you saying I love you grandad !!!

    I was digging my daughters garden for new plants and started to struggle just could not get my breath ( panic ! ) my grandaughter Abby ran to me and said "slow down ,breath like me" and proceeded to breath slowly to enable me to copy and eventually regained composure, all the while she was slowly breathing and saying between breaths ,with her hand on my forehead "make grandad better " - healing hands ?- she is only 4 years of age-

  • oh that is so sweet. x

  • God bless all grandfathers and their equally special grandchildren - Oh, and a shout out for the grandmas too.

  • Oh Carol that is so sweet and endearing it brought a tear to my eye. Love the piccie to. You are truly blessed to have a big family and they in return couldn't ask for a better grandmother or grandad. Thankyou for sharing xx

  • I'm still in the dad stage. I started a bit late ! :)

  • I never knew my grandparents. I assume they died before I was born.

  • When i was younger i couldn't understand all the fuss made by grandparents over their grand kids. Our only child died from encephalitis when she was eight so we never got to see what might have been. Now I'm in my dotage I really miss not being able to take grand kids out or buy them Christmas presents or pass on any wisdom I have (if any).

    You don't know what you're missing until it's gone. (A sage or wot?)

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