feeling better

feeling better

feeling a bit better today...thanks for all your comments xx

Have been to do some Christmas shopping and now am settling down to work on a commission for a wedding at Christmas, its a fabric picture with hand embroidery on it...I'm working on the design today and may even go to print if I'm happy.

tomorrrow I'm taking the family to see the Bond film....sweeties and drinks at the ready so I don't ruin the suspense by coughing lol!

Sunday we shall be at two Remebrance Day services (My boys are on duty in two different places) and then will be celebrating my friends 50th Birthday with Coffee and Cake (what else??)

Have a fab-a-doodle weekend

Mrs S xx

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  • I will do !my best to have a f.a.d. weekend! I have just been pottering around, and got myself out of breath and had to sit down. How sad can you get but I think of my busy memories. We have been talking about the Bond film which is on in Stevenage Let me know how you like it?

  • Glad you are feeling better. Have a fun filled weekend. I'll be interested in viewing your project / commission, if you take a picture when its finished, it sounds like it will be great.

    Happy weekend to everyone.

  • When is Christmas this year,I tend to forget.

  • lol @ KOTC :) it's something I TRY to forget, but it creeps up on me at the last minute !

    Way to go Mrs. S ..... I keep thinking I should have a hobby, but can't find the time for one :(

  • job- not hobby!

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