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Coffee Get Togethers

After attending Pulmonary Rehab which I must say is great,it certainly did me alot of good,aswell as helping healthwise I made new friends some of us decided when our rehab course finished we would meet every week for a coffee,tea etc then chat about anything.

We have now been meeting every Wednesday for six months,we talk about our illness,if anyone or more is feeling a bit down the rest of us will do our best to cheer them up,we tell jokes,have a laugh etc,we have also booked to go out for Christmas lunch on 5th Dec together,there are only four of us plus one Husband and one Wife we would always welcome anyone else if they wanted to join us,we all live round about Thirsk and Northallerton,North Yorkshire so we meet at a garden centre with coffee shop at Thirsk one Wed then Garden Centre with coffee shop at Northallerton the other Wednesday,we feel its great beause once PR had finished we started to think we would go back to being on our own again,some have Hubby`s or Wife`s,but it can be lonely not being able to chat to someone about our illness`s,we are there at the end of the phone if anyone is of us is not feeling to good.

I`m writing this mainly to give others who may live close enough to each other to start something simler in their area,it would be a great thought if there were lots of groups all over Great Britain and at some point we arrange for all the groups to meet up somewhere.

Don`t just think about it lets do it !!!!!

Sorry for spelling mistakes !!.

All the Best to All


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What a wonderful Idea! My PR was a rolling programme which meant everyone was on a different "week" and people joined and left each week. This did not give chance to get to know anyone and I think your idea is excellent. I just wish I was near enough to join you! ;)


Wish I lived near you also to join you I seem to be miles away from everybody but just as well as in truth I'm not much of a socialiser but its a great idea for those who are able to get out and about and meet others especially people with an understanding of this slight drawback we all have. Long may it continue for you hopefull and if it spreads to different areas better still.


What a great idea must think about getting this going in Cardiff - simply brilliant thank you for the inspiration Lizzie


Avoid meeting in garden sheds with the Breathe Easy at The Friarage second Thursday in the month from 1-30 to 3pm all welcome


Have been to the last two Breath Easy meetings and will go next week,it is a bit like meeting in a garden shed or someones hallway, lol,we enjoy the warm up excersise`s with PR and they have had some interesting people giving talks,but not sure if I fancy making a Christmas card next week,we will def stick to our coffee gatherings on Wednesdays from 2 o`clock until whatever time we want to go or when the garden centres close LoL,hope some of you people out there can get some thing organised,I know its just a drink and a natter,but we all look forward to it,we also know there`s always one or more of us at the end of a phone should we need to talk.Auntymary,Lavender1 and Izzieci1 I really hope you can organise something,anyone interested feel free to PM me.

I have just been to an amazing Bonfire and stuffed myself with Fish and Chips,first year I haven`t been frozen !!!,feet up time now and possibly a small glass or three of vino !!!


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