Wish me luck

Today and tomorrow are going to be hard going. I've got to go into work this morning and have to get some things done before I leave. No option - court deadlines. Then come home pick up some meds owing to me, pack, get everything downstairs and into the car. Drive from Hertfordshire to Lancashire. Get everything into my mothers house and upstairs. Might have to use the stairlift! Do my chest cook supper. Pack my mothers case for hospital. Tomorrow I will have to get up about 5.30 to do my chest, get my mother ready and drive the miles to the "local" hospital where she is having her arm/shoulder pinned by 7.30 am. In the hospital there is mules to walk! I will then have to go back in the evening to see how she is. On Saturday my brother and sister in law will be around. My husband is coming up by train but have volunteers to pick him up from the station as that is a fair distance.

Sunday - collapse and let Alan drive me home!

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  • I wish you more than luck. Let's hope the collapse does not come before Sunday!

  • Good Luck! sounds like you are in for a very busy time,I hope all goes to plan! :)

  • Good luck Judith, stay safe on your journeying, make sure you take time to refuel the body to help maintain your bod for the duration.

  • good luck hope everything gos well xxx

  • Hope all goes well Judith, you are very brave - roll on Sunday when you can collapse on the drive home knowing you've done your job and hopefully everything went well.

    Libby x

  • Thanks I'll let you all know how I get on.


  • Best wishes on your own attempts at pushing the limits Judith.

    Can't you call ahead and get the staff to meet you with a wheelchair? Our hospital have an army of volunteers, but they don't start until after 9am.

  • Take care of your self hope it all goes to plan L x

  • The hospital I'm going to is not good. Nothing as good as getting help. Have arrived at my mothers and having a gin and tonic before attempting to carry everything upstairs. Stair lift here I come! The journey was awful 4.5 hours! Not helped by talking to my sister who was in the first class lounge at Heathrow being waited on hand and foot! Will keep you posted as to how I get on.


  • Good luck. I m sure you will be fine and have a safe journey/

  • Next instalment in the story. Got up at 5.30 am to do my chest stuff get my mother ready etc. Arrived at the hospital at 7.15am. Things moved quite quickly to a point and then we sat for 3 hours before mummy went into theatre. I was told she would be on the ward by 2.30 so had some lunch and a coffee. Drive to a shopping centre I found had a mooch and. Bought mummy a present. Went back sat on the ward, spoke to the doctor who carried out the operation and waited until nearly 5pm before she was back on the ward. She's fine. I stayed until all her belongings with her. Left at 5.45pm got back to her house at 6.20. Did my chest but both the house phone and my mobile were ringing constantly. Too tired to cook properly so cheese on toast with a glass of wine. Also had to ring various people - on the phone for a hour before I even had the chance to talk to my family.

    Luckily I can't visit her till 2.30 tomorrow when they hope to discharge her. My husband will be here by lunchtime tomorrow and my brother and sister in law are back from holiday late tonight so plenty of help tomorrow.

    Bed now I think as I am shattered, chest hurts headache breathing not as good as it could be!


  • Well my mother is now home as felon 6pm this evening. My husband is here and my brother and sister in law back so things will get easier. So tired but my husband can do everything tonight! Plan to do nothing tomorrow morning.


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