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wot song/track makes you smile when you you hear it?

i asked this last night as i couldnt sleep...but it seems it didnt post right............

so sorry to all.................

mine was barry manilows.......could it be magic & in 2nd place was John Denvers Annies song as they both really do cheer me up and make me smile although im 43 and ive not a clue as to why.......maybe we could have a poll about this........

hope everyone is well...........


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... if you've a mind too:




Love both of those Zoe

I remember Millie singing the lollipop song....

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Both of these make me smile :)

The Black Eyed Peas - The Time (Dirty Bit) :)


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nice one puff

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Thank you. :)

I put my songs on pollys.

We wondered were you we're Roger glad you back and are OK

The lazy Song. By Bruno Mars, Anything by him,, and yes I'm 63 so what.

The other one is I get knocked down but I get up again. By Cumbawamba

I see they are using it on an advert. B.

oh thank you all.......ive had a really bad time of it with chest infections so ive not been on as much....but thanks all

im glad we are all in happy mode now with this question xx

'reasons to be cheerful' ian drury, sure it has saved my sanity at times xxx

Labelled with Love by Squeeze, ancient but well so am I and the Walk of Life -Dire Straits

`i can see clearly now` by jonny Nash..my fav song.

Roll to me - Del Amitri

anything by bon jovi or eric clapton and feel my love (? think its called that) by adele

It Must be Love- Madness

always makes me smile

and...Build me up, Buttercup, can't remember who by....and lots of other really!

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The Foundations sung build me up buttercup...............


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I knew that really :-) xx

Lazy song bruno mars -- Its a good of Magic and we are the champions queen ...

The Police - Every Breathe You Take.

Berlin -Take my Breath Away.

The Corrs - Breathless.

Sorry I just couldn't resist ! :)

The Beautiful South - Prettiest Eyes


Cliff Somewhere over the rainbow.

Aways look on the Bright Side, have it as my ringtone

mines the final countdown,i think it was sung by europe

Louis Armstrong - Wonderful World. Oh, yeah!

Should I stay,or Should I Go, Air That I Breathe

some great songs on here......

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