well now I am

the owner of a new cat. I know the lady of the shelter and had telephoned her with the news of bobs,she contacted me to say she had just received a cat that would suit, between 8-10 yrs old , a small tabby who wanted to be a lap cat. after a session with family we decided to visit,couldnt go on my own-I would come back with a dozen,she(the cat) was lovely, gentle,friendly and purred for scotland,my son in law stated," this is the one a perfect match."took her home and she settled in no bother,I will take her to the vet for a full monty ,hopefully there will be no problems,i know the cattery will take her back--no chance, she is very lovable.The best part --I found myself singing this morning!!!.Bobs ,along with others is safe in my heart, however its so nice to have a pet. now to introduce you .....her name is Nellie.

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  • Congratulations on the new member of your family. May you bring each other years of pleasure. ;)

  • thank you x

  • Congratulations on your new cat - she sounds adorable, tabby's are gorgeous. I'm sure all will be well - she sounds very happy to be with you.

    I have just today been considering whether to have another cat/kitten - Felix is a rescue cat and is 4 1/2, i am just not sure how he would react if another cat came into his home - although he has a lovely temperament and is very affectionate.

    There is nothing better than a cat sitting on your knee purring away!



  • my cats are rescue cats. .nellie was advertised as loves humans-hates cats.good luck in the match. yes animals are great therapy.I talk to mine, guess it makes me a kind of "mad cat lady".who cares!!!

  • She sounds "Purrfect, I'm sure you are both "Purrfectly suited, so pleased for you both.



  • Wish you joy with your new furbaby. Nellie has landed on her feet with her new family.


  • Aw happy for both you and kitty xx

  • thanks folks.xx

  • "A home without a cat is just a house" as you probably tell from that I am a cat lover and have two of my own. When my breathing is out of control through tension I just sit with them and stroke them usually helps me to calm down. Enjoy your new companion and if any one tells you cats aren't good for you tell them Nellie is just not negotiable!

  • Hello Nellie. We are Lily and Billy and Grandma took us as rescues after she lost her beloved old boy and girl in June. She took mum and I as older cats and mums with kittens are very hard to home. She is not too well at the moment but we make her get up and about every day as we cannot open the tins or clean the tray! PDSA recently gave me the little boys op. but I am still bouncing around all over the place . Mum is a hider, Grandma understands that and is gently trying to get her trust. Nellie, we three are the lucky ones. Grandma's doctor did suggest that she should 'get rid' of us. Grandma suggested that the doctor should go forth and multiply and she doesn't usualy be rude like that. Every happiness to you in your new and loving family.

    It has been heartwarming to read the other comments from the lovely COPD's who have been lucky enough to be owned by a cat.

    Lily, Billy (the bugger) and Grandma Jane.

  • So pleased for you and Nellie. Nice to have an older cat as they often get overlooked. Wishing you many years of purrs, love and happiness! sassy59 and Tessa (14 going on 4)! xxx

  • Hi Nellie delighted for you and Nellie junior the best thing ever for both of you and there you go singing already! xx (bobs will have heard you as well)

  • Dear Nellie and Nellie - so pleased you have found each other purring and singing what a loverly picture that is.xx

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