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Hi this is Ivyleaf.......A big thank you to all who sent me Welcome messages......

Have been reading all your interesting post and learning on the way !!

Hope you are all feeling reasonably well.. daresay a few like me still fighting this silly virus going the rounds. theres a little blue sky appearing here in Devon just to cheer me up.!

dreading the clocks changing.....dark so early then.....

keep warm everyone..xx

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  • Lucky you, living in a lovely part of England..,we stay in Cornwall as well, I so wished we could move there,, but cannot afford it.

    Not done much today, it was very foggy this morning and the day is very dark and damp.

    I am watching the Painting and Drawing Channel at the moment..the artist is doing a lovely white kitten.

    When I have the energy I have a go myself,,, but it is so relaxing to just watch. Not keen on the second programme painting a broad bean!! Still each to there own.

    Hope you feel better soon.......B.

    PS if anyone wants to watch it is on SKY 189. Between 4pm. 5pm. every day, you never know you might find a new hobby!,


  • Hi Ivyleaf

    I hope you are beginning to feel a little better - all of the bugs and viruses etc that come out at this time of year seem to just keep going.

    I quite like the dark nights, although staying up past 8pm becomes difficult - i think i hibernate.

    The weather is due to get colder next week - keep warm and i'm sure you'll be rid of this virus soon.

    Best Wishes


  • Thanks Jo.....

  • Hi Ruby........i,d love to watch that program unfortunately dont have Sky.

    my favourite subject at school....... oh dear thats going back too far !!!

    Glad you enjoy Cornwall when you can, i live right by the Tamar bridge. you will know

    where that is.!......xx

  • Yes we know the Tamar bridge,, my great aunt and uncle live in Dawlish Warren,,we visited them in June last year, also my nephew lives in Sticklepath,,,lovely county.


  • Hi ivyleaf, I remember when the Tamar Bridge was being built, we used to walk down to Saltash to follow its progress. Chopsticks x

  • HI chopsticks, Yes thats going back a day or two ! I had a lovely view of the fireworks they did for the anniversary of the opening, didnt have to go outside.!

    Ivyleaf x

  • Hi ivyleaf, so are you a Devonshire Dumpling like me? I was born in St.Budeaux, lived there for 20 years before moving up to SE London.

  • Hi chopsticks, yes i am ! born at West Park, then moved to Honicknowle now live near Tamar bridge. Lived several other places in Plymouth before here. during the last War lived with grandparents at Whitstone near Bude. back in Plymouth 1944....

    Do you miss Plymouth at all ? or do you still visit?........

    Ivyleaf x

  • Hi ivyleaf, I do miss the Plymouth I used to know, but according to my nephew who still lives in St. Budeaux, I wouldn't like it there now, haven't been back for a long time.

  • Sorry ivy leaf,,, I meant to say you can get it on the computer as well.

    I can't get it on my iPad no flash player.

    Have a look you may like it.


  • Ah i will have a look at that. yes another lovely area, Dawlish. havnt been that way for a while.

    I hear we are in for lot of fog tomorrow here, not good, shall be keeping window shut !

    Ivyleaf xx

  • Hi Ivyleaf Dawlish lovely. I'm not far from you in Torquay lol x

  • Hi hypercat, I,m here in Plymouth my sons fiancee lives in Torquay so i dare say he,s on the A38 now.! being Wednesday his day for visiting.

    Ivyleaf x

  • Use to holiday near Dawlish years ago with my first 'real' boyfriend, we use to go to Dawlish Warren. It is dark, damp and very miserable here in Shropshire, lucky you in beautiful Devon.

    Libby x

  • Hi Libby, Not so beautiful today just the same as Shropshire i,m afraid, its been one of those days when nothing moves, trees are dead still, its dark and miserable, ive always said I prefer it pouring with rain ! at least somethings happening and you can watch it.!

    Still stuck here with this silly virus, feel a little better today. never mind soon be spring!!!optimistic or what.

    Ivyleaf x

  • welcome to the lovely Ivyleaf

    ( shouldn't say this) but now thinking of a nice warm scone with homemade strawberry jam and clotted cream - ok mouths watering now !!!!!

    memories xxx lol

  • you,ve done it Krazylady........scones with jam n cream!

    If i was feeling up to it i,d go and make some but not today......just sit here and dream of spring weather and warm scones......

    Ivyleaf xx

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