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just been to Docs after a rough infection on my right lung....boooo!

waas looking forward to meeting up with a pal tomorrow for some xmas shopping...bless her she's going to come over to see me instead but I was looking forward to the shopping!!!

was also looking forward to an evening out with the family tonight to celebrate my son's 17th birthday...he assures me that a take away will do just fine....but aw, I'm a bit fed up!!

Sorry, moan over, hope everyone else ok??

Mrs S xx

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Hi Mrs. Shimmy

Bad luck but at least you're getting it treated before winter. Have good fun tonight-cheers you up having youngsters around.

I was feeling dreadful yesterday, breathless for no reason but perked up this morning, its a strange malady-never know where you are with it. !

Hi Mrs Shimmy, sorry you are not too well, at least you a very understanding friend and a lovely considerate son.

Well or not wild horses could not drag me to do Christmas shopping.

Hope you will be feeling better very soon.


Sorry you are not well. Look at the shops via the Internet. No crowds and no germs. Enjoy your take away.


I'm coming around to yours Mrs Shimmy if you're having a takeaway !! :) Chinese or Indian ? Either will do me fine :)

Please pass on my birthday greetings to your son - 17 is a great age to be ;)

and I hope you are feeling a little better. At least, as lavender says, your infection has been caught in time and is being treated.

Oh Mrs Shimmy I know just how you feel, why do we so often get ill just before a nice event & miss out? The times I've had to give gig or cinema tickets away cos I've come down with something, grrr

I'm of polly's bent where xmas shopping (or indeed any shopping) is concerned but it's a shame for you when you were so looking forward to it. Your son sounds like a very mature and lovely chap! Maybe if you wrap up warm & don't walk far you could still make it this evening, but if you feel poorly then it's not worth it. A curry, a bottle of wine and a good comedy dvd sounds just as good to me.

Get well soon and plan something nice for next week instead, you should be ok by then

love, FF x

Don't you just hate it when that happens! The things we have cancelled because of Pete being ill are too many to count. Never mind, you can go shopping when you are better and your son sounds like a very understanding young man and a takeaway will be good. Go out for a meal soon when recovered. Take care and get well soon. xxx

thanks for all your lovely comments, we had a great afternoon/evening after all...when I'd written my blog I went to bed for a bit, then when all the kids came home we had tea and cake picnic style on the bed...bit crowded now they growing up!!!! then later we had an Indian takeaway, yummy foood, vintage comedy thanks to Radio 4 Extra, and lots of laughs.

Today I'm chilling and waiting for my pal to come over, still feeling rough to be honest, but at least the anti-biotics are in my system and will soon start to work their magic!

Have a great weekend all,

Mrs S xx

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