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Warm Home Discount

I was turned down for the Warm Home Discount Scheme.I phoned my energy supplier and told them I needed constant heating due to my breathing difficulties as I have COPD.The kind gentleman re- filled in my application there and then and assessed that I was entitled to it and would receive my allowance in the new year.Where it sais long term illness on the form make sure you tell them that you have COPD,not just a tick.

Richard Cornish


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Good info Richard thank you. filled my application in but have not heard back yet, thanx to you will know what to do if refused.



Well done Richard. I got turned down on the phone call, but have written to them and I'm waiting for an answer.

I have mentioned, at least once, the COPD and need to stay warm etc. :-)


My dad got accepted on the phone. Received application form and it listed every benefit under the sun bar atendance allowance. Dad called again and they said he wasn't entitled to it.

Age discrimination?


Not quite every benefit - just the income related ones really.

The official story is that the suppliers have a 'broader group' who will qualify, but you have to jump through hoops to find out just what that means as each supplier has their own rules! They say " is being targeted at low income and vulnerable households who are fuel poor or in a fuel poverty risk group." (

Contact details for energy supplier schemes:


Those who are already 65 or over will automatically be getting the pensioners winter fuel allowance of £200. I don't think you can have both fuel allowance and the warm home discount. P.



I recieve both,pensioner on pension credit, both payments are automatic, mine is attached to the 'electric account' as a credit it pays one and a half bills.

scottish hydro have, on line form: which shows the broader benifits for which you can claim. Follow gordens link and highlight your supplier.


note; started my post below before your post appeared, so ignore my comment re ; 'never yet heard of anyone qualifying for both'. It will of course be sod's law now that there will be loads of folk who have, I'm sure P ;)


hmm.. just checked criteria and indeed they do seem to include people over pension age in the 'blurb' - but that said, I have never yet heard of anyone qualifying for both schemes. Be interesting to hear if any of the over 65's on here manage to qualify for both. With fuel bills set to go up yet again and energy company profits soaring, they should have enough to pay it out! I

I must admit though my fuel consumption has shrunk considerably now I am in the bungalow. I stick to only heating the lounge (economy 7 storage heater) and no longer use hot running water. I boil a kettle to do the washing up once a day, and the shower heats as it is used, so the only time I miss having constant hot water is when I wash my hands. As I only 'cook' in the microwave and my main meal usually takes no more than a total of 4 minutes, there have been huge savings there too over the past few years. I do have an electric blanket so I am toasty even when the bedroom is a bit nippy. The funny thing is, despite not having double glazing, I am plenty warm enough most of the time - if anything, since copd, I am usually complaining of 'hot flushes' and opening all the windows! P.


I was turned down over the phone for this as Im only on one benefit and you need to be on at least 2


Yes I qualify for both as I am on pension credits. As I have very severe copd and have the heating on 24/7 when we have the colder months, it is now on 24/7 and will be until at least the middle of March, I am very grateful. Anyone of pension credits should get it automatically.


Yes I qualify for both too. My supplier has a note that I am on oxygen.



Rayfindlow and Derrylynne you beat me to it, you can get both provided you meet the criteria

Kind regards



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