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Noisy concentrator????

Dad's concentrator is very noisy. So much so that my mum has to move it into the kitchen at night for him to sleep. And if you use the phone in the same room, you struggle to hear the other end. The O2 supply company sent an engineer out to check it and although he said it is an 'older' one, the noise level is within the acceptable range and they have no more they could supply. Grrrrrrrrr. My father in law had one and it was soooo quiet and the one we had on holiday earlier this year was completely silent. So are we being picky or do you think it is a valid point?

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ours isn't too bad, if its quiet, no tv or radio on, it sounds a little louder than a fridge, then sometimes it gives little bumps like a ball in a washing machine. Mind you, must add when richard takes his hearing aids out it could sound like a traction engine and he wouldnt hear it. try recording it and if its above certain decibels it might not be ear friendly. xx


Mine is very quiet, just a gentle hum. Have you tried speaking to your dad's consultant/hospital respiratory nurse? They pay for the service so may have some pull in getting a newer one. Surely an "acceptable" range would be something acceptable to the patient rather than the company?


I was lent a portable concentrator and it made the floorboards vibrate on full whack, terrible. Sounds like you have a duff one also. I think you have a valid point.


My mum had one that was very loud, it had to go into the spare bedroom with the door shut. The pipe came under the door and we had to cut a bit of carpet back so the pipe wasn't crushed. Then over the hallway and into the bedroom, again under the door with the carpet cut back, so that door could be shut as well - and she still said it was too noisy.

The company who brought it apologised, but said they didn't have any others at the time but would see about swapping it for her. Sadly, she didn't last long enough for that to happen.

It was the one major thing that upset the household at the time. My dad was unable to sleep for the noise, he was supposed to be in the spare room, because mum had a hospital bed in the main bedroom. He tried the front room, and it was like a helicopter above him he said.

We didn't get time to complain about it, but I know only too well what you guys mean.


We keep my in the hallway, I don't mind it but my hubby wears ear plugs!


Hi Mocarey

If the noise is affecting your family then the supplier really needs to know that. Who is your dad's supplier? As aunty mary say's it may be worth discussing with the presciber to see if they can ask for anything specific if it causing him distress and annoyance.




Thanks everyone, I was sat in the front room today (now dads bedroom) and it is so loud it's unreal. The tv then has to be turned up to compensate and then you can't have a conversation because you are fighting with both the concentrator and the tv! Grrrrrr! Will see what I can do.


Let me know how you get on - mine has started to get really noising recently. I used one recently whilst away and it was a lot quiter. I will pluck up the courage to put another call into the suppliers. With so many issues in the past I can't be bothered at the minute!


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