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RE : This is a significant time of year in our family

Thanks very much to everybody who so kindly replied to my post. It's tremendously heartening to know we are not alone in our difficult situations, isn't it.

As to a special day, it really was - 1) I went to a new dentist, 2) I had my eyes photographed but then 3) we went to an early dinner with friends we have known for 35 years.

It is difficult now my wife is my carer, as well as visiting her mum in a nursing home 5 times a week and looking after grand kids a couple of days. She's pure gold. I'm luck-she got the "foe worse" bit I think


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Great site for support and information Val

Busy day, bet you will be tired tonight.

Your wife sound like a diamond, bet she knows you would do the same for her if you could.


Super wife! She probably thinks the world of you too!

glad you had a nice day, and equally glad you were well enoughto enjoy it, but eyes photographed? presume you mean tested, or are you an eye model. x

Hi Amagran. I have type 2 diabetes, and I wear glasses too as so many people do these days. Every year a nurse travels round local surgeries with special photographic kit and photographs the back of diabetics eyes to look for deterioration. Me an eye model? I think not. I once took part in an advertising shoot fot the Telegraph and the director said I was good enough to do it professionally - I should join a model agency - he recommended one called The Ugly Agency! Cheeky B*****!

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